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In the title compound, C14H17NO3, the dihedral angles show that the H atoms at two stereocenters are in a trans-diaxial configuration. Expand
In the title compound, C7H11NO4, prepared via a Morita–Baylis–Hillman adduct, the five-membered ring bearing three O atoms approximates to a twisted conformation, whereas the other ring is close to an envelope, with a C atom in the flap position. Expand
Stereoelectronic Effects and H-Bonding in the Conformational Equilibrium of Serine and Threonine Methyl Esters
An extensive conformational search through the rotation of the dihedral angles χ1 and χ2 of serine (Ser-OMe) and threonine (Thr-OMe) methyl esters two molecules of relative complexity that do notExpand
Heck Reaction on Morita-Baylis-HillmanAdducts: Diastereoselective Synthesis of Pyrrolizidinonesand Pyrrolizidines
An efficient approach to the diastereoselective synthesis of benzylidene-, benzyl-pyrrolizidinones, and pyrrolizidines is described. The sequence is based on a highly stereoselective Heck ­reactionExpand