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Termite pathogens: Transfer of the entomopathogen Metarhizium anisopliae between Reticulitermes sp. termites☆
Subterranean termites exposed to whole cultures of Metarhizium anisopliae for 4, 8, 12, or 48 hr transfer disease to previously healthy termites, which are avoided by healthy individuals and are less effective in spreading disease than are exposed living termites. Expand
Termite pathogens: Effects of ingested Metarhizium, beauveria, and Gliocladium conidia on worker termites (Reticulitermes sp.)
Fungi reisolated from the hindguts of diseasedTermites exposed to whole cultures of Beauveria bassiana, Gliocladium virens, or Metarhizium anisopliae were pathogenic of healthy termites. Expand
Phase control of circadian activity in the antelope ground squirrel
Wheel‐running activity of forty antelope ground squirrels, Ammospermophilus leucurus, was monitored for several months in both an outdoor cage and in the laboratory to demonstrate a response curve. Expand
Photoperiodic control of circadian activity rhythms in diurnal rodents
The data suggest that the parametric and non-parametric contributions to entrainment are different in these two rodent species. Expand
Phase control of circadian activity rhythms in ground squirrels
1. Kausch , W. : U m s c h a u 68, 373 (1968) 2. Bi~sgen, M.: Bau und Leben unse re r W a l d b a u m e , S. 61. J e n a : G. F i scher 19t7 3. Weber , P. : S.-B. Akad. Wiss. Wien, Abt . I, He f tExpand
Entrainment of Circadian Activity Rhythms in Squirrels
It was found that, at least with red squirrels, phase and period shifting occur together and presumably act synergistically in the entrainment process. Expand
Circadian activity of the red squirrel,Tamiasciurus hudsonicus, in continuous darkness and continuous illumination
  • K. R. Kramm
  • Biology, Medicine
  • International journal of biometeorology
  • 1 December 1975
Data from 58 red squirrels taken directly from the field and placed in either total darkness (DD) or continuous illumination (LL) 500 lux support Pittendrigh's (1965) entrainment model. Expand
Photoperiod and Entrainment of Circadian Activity in the Antelope Ground Squirrel
The effect of daylength on the timing of overt activity in the antelope ground squirrel, Ammospermophilus leucurus, is focused on. Expand