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Development and Evaluation of Simplified Models for Simulating Canopy Photosynthesis and Transpiration
Several soil-plant-atmosphere models have been developed to simulate the energy transport and CO2 exchange of vegetation (Waggoner, Furnival & Reifsnyder 1969; Stewart & Lemon 1969; Sinclair, Allen &Expand
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Estimation of Momentum and Heat Fluxes Using Dissipation and Flux‐Variance Methods in the Unstable Surface Layer
Dissipation and flux-variance methods, derived from the turbulent kinetic energy and temperature variance budget equations in conjunction with Monin-Obukov similarity theory, were used to estimateExpand
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Seasonal patterns of leaf water relations in four co-occurring forest tree species: Parameters from pressure-volume curves
SummaryLeaf water relationships were studied in four widespread forest tree species (Ilex opaca Ait., Cornus florida L., Acer rubrum L., and Liriodendron tulipifera L.). The individuals studied allExpand
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Leaf emergence and flow-through effects on mean windspeed profiles and microscale pressure fluctuations in a deciduous forest
Abstract Mean windspeed profiles and microscale pressure fluctuations at the surface were measured before and after leaf emergence in a deciduous forest. Effects of the leaf emergence were evident inExpand
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Microscale pressure fluctuations in a mature deciduous forest
Static pressure fluctuations in the microscale range were measured in a mature deciduous forest. Pressure measurements were taken at the ground and above the canopy, and mean profile data ofExpand
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Solar radiation variability on the floor of a pine plantation
Abstract Measurements of global radiation were made above and below the canopy of a pine plantation during eight consecutive cloudless days. Several analyses were to be made of the variation in timeExpand
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Seasonal variation of leaf tissue elasticity in four forest tree species
Measures of leaf tissue elasticity were determined by analyzing the turgor pressure-water content relation developed from pressure-volume experiments, in four naturally occurring forest tree species.Expand
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Comparative field water relations of four co-occurring forest tree species
Diurnal patterns of stomatal resistance and leaf water potentials were measured in individuals of Ilex opaca Ait., Cornus florida L., Liriodendron tulipifera L., and Acer rubrum L. growing in closeExpand
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The evaporation of intercepted rainfall from a forest stand: An analysis by simulation
A model of the energy exchange between the atmosphere and a vegetated surface has been developed and used to investigate the sources of energy available for evaporation of precipitation interceptedExpand
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Components of water potential estimated from xylem pressure measurements in five tree species
SummaryPressure volume curves were measured with a pressure bomb in leaves collected in the field from Ilex opaca, Acer rubrum, Liquidambar styraciflua, Liriodendron tulipifera and Cornus florida.Expand
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