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Bangladeshi Sign Language Recognition employing Neural Network Ensemble
In the Proposed BdSLR the use of an efficient NNE technique converges the training time faster and recognizes with good generalization ability and can be used as an interpreter for the sign languages of other races.
A new verb based approach for English to Bangla machine translation
This paper proposes verb based machine translation (VBMT), a new approach of machine translation (MT) from English to Bangla (EtoB). For translation, it simplifies any form (i.e. simple, complex,
A comparison between symmetric and asymmetric key encryption algorithm based decryption mixnets
This paper presents a comparison between symmetric and asymmetric key encryption algorithm based decryption mixnets through simulation and evaluates them based on several criteria such as: the number of messages traversing through the mixnet, the number-servers involved in the mixnets and the key length of the underlying cryptosystem.
Tea Leaf Diseases Recognition using Neural Network Ensemble
The proposed solution would support the tea industry of Bangladesh to grow in the global market and also increase its tea production by minimizing the effect of tea leaf diseases.
A novel encryption model for text messages using delayed chaotic neural network and DNA cryptography
A novel model for encrypting text messages using time varying delayed Hopfield neural network and a posterior DNA cryptographic model and an additional DNA cryptography model is used over the cipher text obtained from the first level encryption to robust the security of the proposed model.
A DNA cryptographic technique based on dynamic DNA sequence table
A new technique for DNA cryptography that uses dynamic sequence table that assigns random ASCII characters to DNA sequence table to enhance the level of security and comparisons with other DNA techniques are presented.
An Incoercible E-Voting Scheme Based on Revised Simplified Verifiable Re-encryption Mix-nets
Simplified verifiable re-encryption mix-net (SVRM) is revised and a scheme for e-voting systems is developed based on it that enables e-Voting systems to satisfy all essential requirements of elections and successfully protects voters from coercers.
Semi-Order Preserving Encryption Technique for Numeric Database
This study considers three techniques that protect the order information and also show good performance in order preserving encryption, and proposes three methods that hide the data order such that comparison operators can be handled efficiently and performance degradation can be prevented.
A dynamic ensemble learning algorithm for neural networks
It has been confirmed by experimental results that DEL produces dynamic NN ensembles of appropriate architecture and diversity that demonstrate good generalization ability.