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Commerce and Colonisation: Studies of Early Modern Merchant Capitalism in the Atlantic Economy
This dissertation consists of four chapters which study early modern merchant capitalism, with a special focus upon the developing Atlantic economy. The introductory chapter is followed by chapter 2,Expand
Slave ownership and fossil fuel usage: a commentary
In a recent, thought-provoking article, Jean-François Mouhot argues that there are many similarities between historical slave ownership and present-day fossil fuel usage. For that reason, MouhotExpand
Climate, Conflicts, and Variations in Prices on Pre‐Colonial West African Markets for Staple Crops
type="main"> Very little is known about the dynamics of pre-colonial markets in Africa. This article presents a new set of data series on the pre-colonial price of staple crops on the Gold Coast. SixExpand
Waged Slavery – Incentivizing Unfree Labour at Cape Coast Castle in the Eighteenth Century
This article studies the payment of wages to castle slaves at Cape Coast Castle (in current-day Ghana) in the eighteenth century. A quantitative estimate shows that the wages paid to these slavesExpand
Capital and Colonialism: The Return on British Investments in Africa 1869–1969
This book engages in the long-standing debate on the relationship between capitalism and colonialism. Specifically, Ronnback and Broberg study the interaction between imperialist policies, colonialExpand
African Agricultural Productivity and the Transatlantic Slave Trade: Evidence from Senegambia in the Nineteenth Century
Agriculture has played a central role in Africa's long‐term economic development. Previous research has argued that the low productivity of African economies has posed significant challenges toExpand
Integration of global commodity markets in the early modern era
In this article, I test whether there is any evidence of price convergence on intercontinental commodity markets prior to the nineteenth century. I gather price data on eleven commodity marketsExpand
Copper Sheathing and the British Slave Trade
type="main"> British slave traders were early and rapid adopters of the new technique of sheathing ships' hulls with copper. From the 1780s this innovation increased sailing speeds of British slaveExpand
Living standards on the pre-colonial Gold Coast: a quantitative estimate of African laborers’ welfare ratios
This paper is an attempt to estimate living standards on the pre-colonial Gold Coast (in current-day Ghana) quantitatively, looking at the welfare ratios of indigenous laborers – in particularExpand
Transforming consumption in the European periphery – colonial commodities in Scandinavia during the early modern era
The aim of this paper is to look at how consumption of one commodity – sugar – was transformed in Scandinavia from being a luxury to being a mass-consumed commodity. The paper also tries to look atExpand