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Phylogenetic relationships within squamata
Camp, Charles Lewis ; Classification ; Congresses ; NH-Vertebrate Zoology ; Research Associate ; NMNH ; SDR
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Species Concepts and Species Delimitation
The issue of species delimitation has long been confused with that of species conceptualization, leading to a half century of controversy concerning both the definition of the species category andExpand
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The General Lineage Concept of Species, Species Criteria, and the Process of Speciation
Speciation, the process through which new species come into being, is one of the central topics of evolutionary biology. It links the great fields of microand macroevolutionary biology and intersectsExpand
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Phylogeny as a Central Principle in Taxonomy: Phylogenetic Definitions of Taxon Names
Defining the names of taxa in terms of common ancestry, that is, using phylogenetic definitions of taxon names, departs from a tradition of character-based definitions by granting the concept ofExpand
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A phylogenetic analysis of lepidosauromorpha
In this paper our primary objective is to analyze phylogenetic relationships within a subtaxon of Sauna, the Lepidosauromorpha (see Addendum, p. 94). Lepidosauromorpha includes the following saiunanExpand
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The General Lineage Concept of Species and the Defining Properties of the Species Category
There is nothing more common than that the meaning of an expression varies in such a way that a phenomenon is now considered as a symptom and now as a criterion of a state of affairs. And then forExpand
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A unified concept of species and its consequences for the future of taxonomy
Contemporary species concepts are diverse. Nonetheless, all share the fundamental idea that species are segments of lineages at the population level of biological organization. They differ in theExpand
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Phylogenetic Relationships and Tempo of Early Diversification in Anolis Lizards
We examine phylogenetic relationships among anoles using mitochondrial DNA se- quences from the NADH dehydrogenase subunit 2 gene (ND2) andve transfer-RNA genes repre- senting 1,455 alignable baseExpand
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Systematics and the Darwinian Revolution
Taxonomies of living things and the methods used to produce them changed little with the institutionalization of evolutionary thinking in biology. Instead, the relationships expressed in existingExpand
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