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Entrepreneurial Orientation, Dynamic Capabilities and International Performance
In order to be able to seize the opportunities that a dynamic operating environment opens up, entrepreneurial firms have to reconfigure their existing asset base and processes. This study exploresExpand
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A Global Mindset — A Prerequisite for Successful Internationalization?
Abstract This study offers a contribution to our understanding of the role of a global mindset in the successful internationalization of small and medium-sized companies. The particular focus is onExpand
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The role of trust in organisational innovativeness
Purpose – The purpose of this paper is to analyse the effects of the dimensions of organisational trust on organisational innovativeness in a relatively large survey sample of the information andExpand
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Start-up patterns of internationalization: A framework and its application in the context of knowledge-intensive SMEs
The already well-documented emergence of born globals, or international new ventures, has created a demand for new approaches to internationalization. The main models challenging the ‘traditional’Expand
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Risk-based classification of supplier relationships
Abstract The management and exploitation of external resources has increased and become a new source of business success. This has given rise to various new risks and therefore increased the need forExpand
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Key antecedents to "export" market-oriented behaviors: a cross-national empirical examination
Abstract In this paper, a model of the key determinants of firms' market-oriented activities in their export operations was developed and tested on survey data from New Zealand and Finland. TheExpand
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Strategic orientations of born globals—Do they really matter?
This paper contributes to the literature on born globals by introducing the concept of strategic orientations into this domain. Only few empirical studies have investigated them in this context. TheExpand
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Dynamic knowledge-related learning processes in internationalizing high-tech SMEs
Abstract This paper studies the internationalization of high-tech small- and medium-sized firms (SMEs). The traditional internationalization theories suggest that the firm's international involvementExpand
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Export marketing, interfunctional interactions, and performance consequences
Firms with export operations have internal environments that are often geared toward serving the home market. As a result, export marketing and other business functions compete for resources, whichExpand
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Innovation and internationalization as growth strategies: The role of technological capabilities and appropriability
Firms grow either by launching new products (innovation) or by attracting new customers (internationalization) or by using a mixed strategy. An interesting question is whether innovation andExpand
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