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2"-Chartreusin-monoacetate, a New Natural Product with Unusual Anisotropy Effects from the Marine Isolate Streptomyces sp. B5525, and its 4"-Isomer
The marine Streptomycete isolates B5342 and B5525 forms, beside large amounts of the antitumor antibiotic chartreusin (1a), two chartreusin monoacetates as trace components. Whereas the chemicalExpand
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Morulin Pm: a modified polypeptide containing TOPA and 6-bromotryptophan from the morula cells of the ascidian, Phallusia mammillata.
A novel polypeptide containing the unusual posttranslationally modified amino acids L-3,4,5-trihydroxyphenylalanine (TOPA) and L-6-bromotryptophan (6-BrW) has been isolated from the morula cells ofExpand
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Dihydrophencomycin methyl ester, a new phenazine derivative from a marine Streptomycete.
The novel 5,10-dihydrophencomycin methyl ester (4) and the known microbial metabolites (2-hydroxyphenyl)-acetamide (1), menaquinone MK9 (II, III, VIII, IX-H8) (2), and phencomycin (3a) were isolatedExpand
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Quantifizierung der verschiedenen Humulon-Anteile in Humulonstandards mit Hilfe der 1H-NMR-Spektroskopie
De nouvelles methodes developpees pour la quantification d'humulones a l'aide de la spectroscopie RMN - 1 H ont montre que des resultats exacts etaient obtenus pour la determination d'un melangeExpand
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