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Production of somatic hybrids between frost-tolerant Solanum commersonii and S. tuberosum: characterization of hybrid plants
Somatic fusion of mesophyll protoplasts was used to produce hybrids between the frost-tolerant species Solanum commersonii (2n=2x=24) and dihaploid S. tuberosum (2n=2x=24). This is a sexuallyExpand
Genetic modification of the commercial apple cultivars Gala, Golden Delicious and Elstar via an Agrobacterium tumefaciens-mediated transformation method
Abstract Modern biotechnological techniques, including genetic modification, offer important tools to plant breeders for the introduction of resistance genes into a fruit crop such as apple. However,Expand
In vitro regeneration and micro-propagation of enset from Southwestern Ethiopia
Three clones of enset (Ensete ventricosum Welw. Cheesman) from southwestern Ethiopia (Keffa-Shaka zone) were investigated for their potential for micropropagation and regeneration in tissue culture.Expand
Tetraploid potato hybrids through protoplast fusions and analysis of their performance in the field
SummaryData on the production of tetraploid hybrid plants after electrofusion of protoplasts from various diploid (2n = 2x =24) Solarium tuberosum and S. phureja are reported. Ten different fusionExpand
Dosimetry intercomparison for partial body x-irradiation of rats.
An X-ray dosimetry intercomparison for partial body irradiations has been performed among a number of laboratories cooperating within EULEP (European Late Effects Project Group) using mailed acrylicExpand
DNA staining of fixed and non-fixed plant protoplasts for flow cytometry with hoechst 33342
Abstract Protoplasts from cell suspension cultures of Haplopappus gracilis and Solanum tuberosum cv. Bintje were stained with the DNA specific bisbenzimidazole dye Hoechst 33342 for flow cytometry.Expand
Progress in Plant Protoplast Research
If we look back at the state of the art of plant protoplast research in 1983, as published in the LECTURE Proceedings and POSTER Proceedings of the 6th International Protoplast Symposium, AugustExpand
Some methodological aspects of apple transformation by Agrobacterium
Leaf explants of apple cvs Gala and Golden Delicious were infected with the Agrobacterium tumefaciens strain AGL0(pMOG410). The effects of a 2 d preculture of the explants before infection and theExpand
Lyoluminescence dosimetry in photon and fast neutron beams.
The lyoluminescence (LL) technique using mannose, a monosaccharide, is described. Dose-response curves for 60Co-gamma-rays (5 rad to 120 krad), fission neutrons, 5.3 MeV and 15 MeV neutrons (100 radExpand
A thermoluminescence system for the intercomparison of absorbed dose and radiation quality of X-rays with a HVL of 0-1 to 3-0 mm Cu.
  • K. Puite
  • Physics, Medicine
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  • 1 March 1976
A TLD system is described which permits the measurement of absorbed X-ray doses in a water phantom, together with the quality of the incident X-ray beam. The system has been developed for dose andExpand