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Response of oilseed rape leaves to sulfur and boron foliar application
Oilseed rape (Brassica napus L.) reacts differently to foliar application of sulfur (S) and boron (B), and for that reason it is important to find an early indicator that would inform about theExpand
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Effect of organic farming on a Stagnic Luvisol soil physical quality
Abstract The organic farming system is reported as having an influence on soil chemical, biological and physical features. The objectives of this study were to examine the physical quality of StagnicExpand
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Long-Term Productive, Competitive, and Economic Aspects of Spring Cereal Mixtures in Integrated and Organic Crop Rotations
Cultivation of spring cereal mixtures (SCMs) is one of the ways to increase the yield of crops in mountainous areas of Poland. There are only a few current long-term studies on this topic. Our studyExpand
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Effect of allelopathic seed meals on the weed infestation and yielding of maize
Seed-meals of allelopathic crops may serve as an effective and environmentally friendly alternative for weed control. In this experiment, two series of a pot and one-year of micro-plot field researchExpand
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Enzymatic Activity of Soil under Spelt Grown in An Organic Farming System in Poland’s Temperate Climate
Wheat spelt is a very valuable plant, especially in organic farming. Its high nutritional values combined with low soil and climate requirements increase the interest in growing spelt in variousExpand
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Ionic composition of beer worts produced with selected unmalted grains
Abstract Brewers’ wort should undergo optimized fermentation in order to obtain high-quality beer that meets the specification requirements. This paper presents the impact of increasing the share ofExpand
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