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TOUGH2-A General-Purpose Numerical Simulator for Multiphase Fluid and Heat Flow
TOUGH2 is a numerical simulation program for nonisothermal flows of multicomponent, multiphase fluids in porous and fractured media. The chief applications for which TOUGH2 is designed are inExpand
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ECO2N: A TOUGH2 Fluid Property Module for Mixtures of Water, NaCl, and CO2
ECO2N is a fluid property module for the TOUGH2 simulator (Version 2.0) that was designed for applications to geologic sequestration of CO{sub 2} in saline aquifers. It includes a comprehensiveExpand
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CO2-H2O mixtures in the geological sequestration of CO2. I. Assessment and calculation of mutual solubilities from 12 to 100°C and up to 600 bar
Abstract Evaluating the feasibility of CO 2 geologic sequestration requires the use of pressure-temperature-composition ( P - T - X ) data for mixtures of CO 2 and H 2 O at moderate pressures andExpand
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TOUGHREACT - A simulation program for non-isothermal multiphase reactive geochemical transport in variably saturated geologic media: Applications to geothermal injectivity and CO2 geological
TOUGHREACT is a numerical simulation program for chemically reactive non-isothermal flows of multiphase fluids in porous and fractured media with physical and chemical heterogeneity. Expand
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A Multiple Interacting Continua method (MINC) is presented which is applicable for numerical simulation of heat and multi-phase fluid flow in multidimensional, fractured porous media. This method isExpand
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Numerical simulation of CO2 disposal by mineral trapping in deep aquifers
Abstract Carbon dioxide disposal into deep aquifers is a potential means whereby atmospheric emissions of greenhouse gases may be reduced. However, our knowledge of the geohydrology, geochemistry,Expand
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TOUGH+Hydrate v1.0 User's Manual: A Code for the Simulation of System Behavior in Hydrate-Bearing Geologic Media
TOUGH+HYDRATE v1.0 is a new code for the simulation of the behavior of hydrate-bearing geologic systems. By solving the coupled equations of mass and heat balance, TOUGH+HYDRATE can model theExpand
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CO2-H2O Mixtures in the Geological Sequestration of CO2. II. Partitioning in Chloride Brines at 12-100oC and up to 600 bar
Correlations presented by Spycher et al. (2003) to compute the mutual solubilities of CO2 and H2O are extended to include the effect of chloride salts in the aqueous phase. This is accomplished byExpand
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Enhanced geothermal systems (EGS) using CO2 as working fluid - A novelapproach for generating renewable energy with simultaneous sequestration of carbon
Submitted to Geothermics, June 2006 LBNL-60397 Enhanced Geothermal Systems (EGS) Using CO 2 as Working Fluid – A Novel Approach for Generating Renewable Energy with Simultaneous Sequestration ofExpand
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TOUGHREACT Version 2.0: A simulator for subsurface reactive transport under non-isothermal multiphase flow conditions
TOUGHREACT is a numerical simulation program for chemically reactive nonisothermal flows of multiphase fluids in porous and fractured media. Expand
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