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Pick-Your-Own Labor: Migrant Workers and Flexibility in Canadian Agriculture 1
This paper explores the structures and practices of temporary migrant worker programs (TMWP) as they operate in Canadian agriculture. Acting within highly competitive, globalized markets, agri-foodExpand
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Local Produce, Foreign Labor: Labor Mobility Programs and Global Trade Competitiveness in Canada*
Temporary visa workers are increasingly taking on a heightened profile in Canada, entering the workforce each year in greater numbers than immigrant workers with labor mobility rights (Sharma 2006).Expand
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Migrant Agricultural Workers and Processes of Social Inclusion in Rural Canada: Encuentros and Desencuentros
Abstract For 38 years, agricultural workers from the Caribbean and Mexico have spent extended periods working in Canada under a guest worker program. In this article I explore worker-communityExpand
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Temporary migration, chronic effects: the health of international migrant workers in Canada
See related practice article by Pysklywec and colleagues on page [1039][1] and at [www.cmaj.ca/cgi/doi/10.1503/cmaj.091404][2]. In 2008, Canada admitted 192 519 international migrant workers onExpand
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Does Citizenship Status Matter in Canadian Agriculture? Workplace Health and Safety for Migrant and Immigrant Laborers
This article explores how precarious legal status circumscribes differential inclusion in the agricultural labor market and affects workers' lives through a comparative study of workplace health andExpand
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A Model for Managed Migration? Re-Examining Best Practices in Canada’s Seasonal Agricultural Worker Program
This paper situates Canada’s Seasonal Agricultural Worker Program (SAWP) within the policy and scholarly debates on ‘‘best practices’’ for the management of temporary migration, and examines whatExpand
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Interrogating Racialized Global Labour Supply: An Exploration of the Racial/National Replaceme of Foreign Agricultural Workers in Canada*
Dans cet article, on analyse le remplacement des travailleurs antillais par des Mexicains dans le Programme des travailleurs agricoles saisonniers du gouvernement du Canada, en mettant l'accent surExpand
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Migrant Workers and Changing Work-place Regimes in Contemporary Agricultural Production in Canada
Contemporary processes of globalization have had significant implica- tions for food systems around the world. The adoption of neo-liberal policies on a global scale, changing systems of governanceExpand
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DISCUSSION - Agricultural Policy Reform and Rural Livelihoods in Central Mexico
This contribution examines the impact of profound changes to agricultural policy implemented since 1988 on the livelihoods of Mexico's rural population. Detailed studies in four villages show thatExpand
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