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Systematic analysis on the efficacy of bone enhancement methods used for success in dental implants
Abstract: Bone grafting is beneficial in enhancing bones that are lost due to trauma or natural or pathologic process. Autogenous bone, allogenic bone, xenogeneic bone, bone substitutes, andExpand
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Formulation and physico-chemical standardization of Viburnum coriaceum arista
The leaves,stems and roots of Viburnum coriaceum ,b elonging to the family Adoxaceae ,were collected from Nilgiri hills of Tamil Nadu and auth entificated. Following a successive extraction and aExpand
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AYURVEDA – one of the noblest and holiest traditional systems of medicine to prevent and heal human ailments . Ayurvedic syst em of medicine originated from India and spread over several developingExpand
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A preliminary chromatographic detection of phenolic compounds from ethanolic stem extracts of Viburnum Linn. species by TLC and PC
The stems of three viburnum species and their alcoh olic extracs were subjected Thin layer and paper chromatographic techniques using suitable st ationary and developing phases,after a primaryExpand
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Prescription status of Respiratory tract infection - a survey report
SUMMARY Objective: The present study was carried out to investigate the Self-medication and non-doctor prescribing of drugs used for respiratory tract infection in developing countries. Problems andExpand
A comparative study on proximate analysis conducted on three Viburnum Linn. species
were collected from Nilgiri Hills and Coimbatore, Tamilnadu and taxonomically authenticated. Herbarium of the species was submitted to the museum of the place of research studies. The samples wereExpand
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Prescribing pattern of acid suppressants in modern clinicalpractice - An analysis
The study was carried out in Gastroenterology Department of Sanjay Gandhi post Graduate Institute of Medical Science Lucknow, India. Data collection form was designed for both physicians and patientsExpand
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