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Response of a freshwater air-breathing fish, Clarias batrachus to salinity stress: an experimental case for their farming in brackishwater areas in Andaman, India
It can be concluded that exposure to higher salinity significantly (P < 0.01) affects the growth and physiological response of Clarias batrachus.
Forecasting areas and production of rice in India using ARIMA model
Data on rice area and production for the period 1950-51 to 2011-12 were analyzed by time series method. Auto Correlation Function (ACF) and Partial Auto Correlation Function (PACF) were calculated
Trace metal dynamics and risk assessment in the commercially important marine shrimp species collected from the Miri coast, Sarawak, East Malaysia
The calculated estimated daily intake (EDI) and hazard indices indicate that the metal levels are lower than the permissible limits of Malaysian and International seafood’s guidelines and results in no acute toxicities and safe for human consumption.
Mycosynthesis of silver nanoparticles from Beauveria bassiana and its larvicidal, antibacterial, and cytotoxic effect on human cervical cancer (HeLa) cells
Mosquitoes are the primary vector for transmitting endemic diseases such as yellow fever, Chikungunya, dengue and dengue hemorrhagic fever, malaria, Japanese encephalitis, and lymphatic filariasis in
Distribution of isopod parasites in commercially important marine fishes of the Miri coast, East Malaysia
The present study aimed at collecting information on the neglected group of isopod parasites of the marine fishes from the Miri coastal environment, East Malaysia, with the maximum number of parasites observed in the months of June and October, 2013.
Evaluation for the association of virulence determinants among E.faecalis with its clinical outcome
These organisms may serve as potential reservoirs to disseminate the virulence genes to other isolates and are of considerable importance in an hospital setting.
The successful protocol for direct and indirect micropropagation of Turnera ulmifolia was developed. In vitro direct regeneration, multiplication and rooting of plantlets were observed from the nodal
Enhancing productivity of summer irrigated cotton through plant growth regulator and foliar nutrition.
Higher seed cotton yield was obtained in cotton receiving RDF and sprayed with NAA 40 ppm and DAP 2% either at square formation and peak flowering or peak flowering and boll development stage.
FT-IR and Micro-Raman Spectroscopic Studies of Archaeological Potteries Recently Excavated in Tamilnadu, India
The spectroscopic techniques represent one of the most powerful tools to investigate the structure of all the materials and chemical composition of the cultural object like potteries and ceramic. The