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Les bases du déchiffrement de l'écriture de l'île de Pâques
1) In this paper I demonstrated that there is a number (more than 50) of long fragments that are repeated in different texts in different order. Thus, each text represents a « storage » of mini-textsExpand
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Reconstruction des pronoms atlantiques et typologie des systèmes pronominaux
A travers les problemes poses par la reconstruction des marques personnelles dans les langues atlantiques, on evoque le cas plus general de la structuration des systemes pronominaux dans diversExpand
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Smart Security Audit: Reinforcement Learning with a Deep Neural Network Approximator
A significant challenge in modern computer security is the growing skill gap as intruder capabilities increase, making it necessary to begin automating elements of penetration testing so analysts can contend with the growing number of cyber threats. Expand
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Evidence Based Public Health Policy Making: Tool Support
In this paper, we present a novel model driven approach to PHP life cycle management and an integrated platform for realising this life cycle. Expand
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Diachronie des classes nominales atlantiques: morphophonologie, morphologie, sémantique
Avant tout, il convient de préciser ce que nous entendons par langues atlantiques. Depuis Greenberg, dont les conclusions ont été renforcées et affinées par trois publications majeures (cf. DalbyExpand
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Konstantin Pozdniakov
Various paradigms of personal markers in Niger-Congo systems show systemic diachronic changes by analogy. Due to these changes, various pronominal oppositions are neutralized. Apart from theseExpand
Correlation of graphical " distinctive features " in rongorongo as an additional resource for construction of sign catalog
Resumen Este artículo demuestra la existencia de una correlación fuerte entre los elementos gráficos de los signos rongorongo, tales como cantidad y forma de los brazos, cantidad y forma de lasExpand