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Polyether Antibiotic Complex Produced by Streptomyces hygroscopicus IM—110–81
РЕЗЮМЕЩам Streptomyces hygroscopicus IM-110-81 продуцира няколко антибиотични вещества—четири полиетера, азаломицин В и хексаен. Разработен е метод за фермснтацията на щама, изолацията, пречистването
Pistachio in Central Asia.
[Biological action of an unidentified factor from streptomycetes].
A stimulant action was demonstrated with regard to ovogenesis in terms of the earlier maturation of follicles and formation of corpora lutea both in rats and in 4-5-month-old lambs.
Determination of ichthiomycin concentration by biological test with Cyprinus carpio L.
We have found out that one-year-old carps are extremely sensitive to ichthiomycin in concentrations between 25-125 micrograms/dm3. This fact permitted the use of biological methods for determination