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Telling Sexual Stories: Power, Change and Social Worlds
The world has become cluttered with sexual stories. From child abuse scandals to lesbians and gays coming out; from Anita Hill and Clarence Thomas to the troubles of Michael Jackson; from sexualExpand
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Intimate Citizenship: Private Decisions and Public Dialogues
Solo parenting, in vitro fertilization, surrogate mothers, gay and lesbian families, cloning and the prospect of 'designer babies', Viagra and the morning-after pill, HIV/AIDS, the global pornExpand
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Documents of Life 2: An Invitation to A Critical Humanism Second Edition
Documents of Life was originally published in 1983 and became a classic text, providing both a persuasive argument for a particular approach and a manifesto for social research. As a critique ofExpand
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Using Documents in Social Research
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«I can't even think straight» queer theory and the missing sexual revolution in sociology
Cet article presente les avancees de la « queer theory », theorie de l'homosexualite differente des etudes « gay » et lesbiennes, dans le sens ou elle sort les differences sexuelles de leur ghetto.Expand
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The Making of the Modern Homosexual
Is the "homosexual" a type of person that has been with us-in various guises-throughout history? Is he or she simply a "being" that we are slowly discovering and understanding better? Or is theExpand
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Sociology : a global introduction
I. INTRODUCING SOCIOLOGY 1. The sociological imagination. 2. Thinking sociologically, thinking globally. 3. Doing social science. II. THE FOUNDATIONS OF SOCIETY: FROM MACRO TO MICRO 4. Society. 5.Expand
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Sexual Stigma: An Interactionist Account
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