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The natural history of multiple system atrophy: a prospective European cohort study
The final analysis of a prospective multicentre study by the European MSA Study Group provides new insights into the evolution of MSA based on a follow-up period that exceeds that of previous studies. Expand
evtree: Evolutionary Learning of Globally Optimal Classification and Regression Trees in R
The evtree package is described, which implements an evolutionary algorithm for learning globally optimal classification and regression trees in R, providing unified infrastructure for summaries, visualizations, and predictions. Expand
Tumor microcirculation and diffusion predict therapy outcome for primary rectal carcinoma.
Perfusion indices and apparent diffusion coefficients inside the tumor region seem to be of predictive value for therapy outcome of preoperative therapy in patients with primary rectal carcinoma. Expand
Alendronate in combination with calcium and vitamin D prevents bone loss after orthotopic liver transplantation: A prospective single‐center study
It is suggested that alendronate is efficacious in preventing the natural course of bone loss associated with liver transplantation (LT), and led to an increase in BMD in patients with osteoporosis within 24 months after LT. Expand
Insufficient protection for healthy elderly adults by tetanus and TBE vaccines.
It is concluded that immunological responsiveness to vaccination decreases throughout adult life, and that conventional vaccination strategies designed for children and young adults cannot be uncritically applied in the elderly. Expand
Tumor microcirculation evaluated by dynamic magnetic resonance imaging predicts therapy outcome for primary rectal carcinoma.
Noninvasive PI measurements by dynamic MRI in rectal carcinoma before therapy seem to be of predictive value for therapy outcome in patients scheduled for preoperative chemoradiation. Expand
The influence of hyperoxia on regional cerebral blood flow (rCBF), regional cerebral blood volume (rCBV) and cerebral blood flow velocity in the middle cerebral artery (CBFVMCA) in human volunteers.
MRI perfusion measurement found CBFV(MCA) unchanged during hyperoxia is consistent with the present study's unchanged rCBF in parietal and left frontal gray matter. Expand
Serum uric acid is an independent predictor for all major forms of cardiovascular death in 28,613 elderly women: a prospective 21-year follow-up study.
It is demonstrated for the first time that SUA is an independent predictor for all major forms of death from CVD including acute, subacute and chronic forms of CHD, CHF and stroke in elderly, post-menopausal women. Expand
Statistical errors in medical research--a review of common pitfalls.
Consideration of issues discussed in this paper, when planning, conducting and preparing medical research manuscripts, should help further enhance statistical quality in medical journals. Expand
[MEDICINE] The Use of Statistics in Medical Research: A Comparison of The New England Journal of Medicine and Nature Medicine
Thereiswidespreadevidenceoftheextensiveuseofstatisticalmethods in medical research. Just the same, standards are gen-erally low and a growing body of literature points to statisticalerrors in mostExpand