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  • 1 February 1902
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Mathematical Contributions to the Theory of Evolution. V. On the Reconstruction of the Stature of Prehistoric Races
(1.) The object of this paper is to show, by the use of a special case as illustration, the true limits within which it is possible to reconstruct the parts of an extinct race from a knowledge of theExpand
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The Grammar of Science
THE exposition of the Newtonian laws as given by Thomson and Tait has unfortunately been taken as the basis for the treatment of the laws of motion by all elementary text-book writers in the EnglishExpand
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Statistical Tests
As the originator of the P, χ2 test, I should bo glad if you can spare me space for some reply to Mr. Buchanan-Wollaston1. I should like first to state that I am in no way responsible for all theExpand
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Tables for Statisticians and Biometricians, Part II
As some readers of NATURE may have purchased copies of Part II of the “Book of Tables for Statisticians and Biometricians”, recently issued from this Laboratory, I should be glad to inform themExpand
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A mathematical theory of random migration
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“The Grammar of Science”
C. G. K.'s remarks might lead your readers to believe that the “Grammar of Science” is nonsense, even when looked at without the spectacles of Edinburgh physical school, and his review may therefore justly call for a few words of reply. Expand
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