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Sectoral Patterns of Technical Change : Towards a Taxonomy and a Theory : Research Policy
  • K. Pavitt
  • Political Science, Economics
  • 1 December 1984
Previous representations of the processes of technical change found in economics are deficient because they make the production of technology and innovations exogenous and they do not reflect theExpand
Managing Innovation: Integrating Technological, Market and Organizational Change
The purpose of this study is to provide the knowledge to understand and the skills to manage innovation at the operational and strategic levels. Expand
Technological Accumulation and Industrial Growth: Contrasts Between Developed and Developing Countries
Several areas of economic analysis have given renewed attention during the 1980s to the long run importance of technological learning and technical change. These issues have become a central featureExpand
Knowledge Specialization, Organizational Coupling, and the Boundaries of the Firm: Why Do Firms Know More than They Make?
This paper uses an analysis of developments in aircraft engine control systems to explore the implications of specialization in knowledge production for the organization and the boundaries of theExpand
The technological competencies of the world''s largest firms
An emitter insertable through the wall of a water pipe having a pair of striated skirts depending from opposed edges of the emitter outlet for irrigating soil at a constant rate of water flow despiteExpand
Large Firms in the Production of the World's Technology: An Important Case of “Non-Globalisation”
US patenting by 686 of the world's largest manufacturing firms shows that their share of the world's production of technology is less than their share of R&D activities, and varies greatly amongstExpand
Multi-Technology Corporations: Why They Have “Distributed” Rather Than “Distinctive Core” Competencies
Technological diversity in corporations is a driving force behind four major features of contemporary business: corporate growth; increasing RD increasing external linkage for new technologies byExpand
Technologies, Products and Organization in the Innovating Firm: What Adam Smith Tells Us and Joseph Schumpeter Doesn't
Adam Smith's insights into the increasingly specialized nature of knowledge production are crucially important in understanding the contemporary problems of managing innovating firms. Products andExpand
What makes basic research economically useful
Abstract Economic analysis has helped us understand the strong economic dimension in the explosive growth of science, and (more recently) the reasons for continuing public subsidies. However, theExpand