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Fascism: A Very Short Introduction
What is fascism? Is it revolutionary? Or is it reactionary? This book argues that it is both: fascism unleashes violence against the left and ethnic minorities, but also condemns the bourgeoisie forExpand
Controlling fluid-induced seismicity during a 6.1-km-deep geothermal stimulation in Finland
It is shown that near–real-time seismic monitoring of fluid injection allowed control of induced earthquakes during the stimulation of a 6.1-km-deep geothermal well near Helsinki, Finland, suggesting a possible physics-based approach to controlling stimulation-induced seismicity in geothermal projects. Expand
History and historiography
1. Introduction Roger Backhouse and Philippe Fontaine 2. History and historiography since 1945 Kevin Passmore 3. History of anthropology Henrika Kuklick 4. Periphery toward center and back:Expand
Women, Gender and Fascism in Europe, 1919-45
What attracts women to far-right movements that appear to denigrate their rights? This question has vexed feminist scholars for decades and has led to many lively debates in the academy. In thisExpand
Evidence and interpretation
Writing History: Theory and Practice
Writing History: Theory and Practice provides students and teachers with an accessibly written overview of the emergence and development of history as a discipline and of the major theoreticalExpand
Writing National Histories: Western Europe Since 1800
This book examines comparatively how the writing of history by individuals and groups, historians, politicians and journalists has been used to "legitimate" the nation-state agianst socialist,Expand
From Liberalism to Fascism. The Right in a French Province (1928-1939)
The Croix de Feu and its successor the Parti Social Francais stood at the centre of political conflict in the turbulent final years of the French Third Republic. Membership peaked at 750,000 in 1937,Expand
“Planting the Tricolor in the Citadels of Communism”: Women's Social Action in the Croix de feu and Parti social français*
  • K. Passmore
  • Sociology
  • The Journal of Modern History
  • 1 December 1999
The Croix de feu and its successor, the Parti social francais (PSF), were, in terms of membership, the most important political organizations seen in France before the Fourth Republic. In June 1936Expand