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Modification of the zona-free hamster ova bioassay of boar sperm fertility and correlation with in vivo fertility.
These studies were designed to evaluate the ability of the zona-free hamster ova bioassay to detect differences in fertility of boar sperm. In the first study, sperm from two previously infertileExpand
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Abstract New material of the Australian Lower Carboniferous rhizodontid Barameda provides additional information on poorly known aspects of rhizodontid anatomy, including the braincase and branchialExpand
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Estuarine deposition of a mid-Viséan tetrapod unit, Ducabrook Formation, central Queensland: implications for tetrapod dispersal
At Ducabrook property, central Queensland, the mid-Viséan Ducabrook Formation has yielded a diverse vertebrate fauna (fish and one tetrapod taxon) from a thin unit among siltstone interbedded withExpand
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Hy Brasil: The Metamorphosis of an Island: From Cartographic Error to Celtic Elysium
particularly its general reception among a largely middle-class and scientific community. What is most striking is the issuing by Bartholomew in 1893 of a prospectus for the upcoming Atlas that wasExpand
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Do Female Life Span and Fecundity of Small Ermine Moth Increase with Multiple Mating and Adult Nutrition?
Several evolutionary explanations for multiple mating in insects have been proposed, and it has been suggested that Lepidoptera benefit from the energy contained in nuptial gifts. In two closelyExpand
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Characterization of a thermally tolerant Orbicella faveolata reef in Abaco, The Bahamas
Increased ocean temperatures from anthropogenic climate change induce coral bleaching, the breakdown of symbioses between corals and photosynthetic dinoflagellates. However, some corals thrive inExpand
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Pepys Island as a Pacific stepping stone: the struggle to capture islands on early modern maps
  • K. Parker
  • Medicine, Sociology
  • The British Journal for the History of Science
  • 1 December 2018
Abstract This paper will investigate how geographic features were recorded on maps in the eighteenth century in order to outline the construction of geographic knowledge by British mapmakers. Due toExpand
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Identification of a new population of Anelpistina inapendicata (Insecta: Zygentoma: Nicoletiidae).
In the Grutas de Cacahuamilpa National Park area in Guerrero, Mexico, there is a plethora of tremendously diverse types of caves. The area is also a hotspot for troglobitic nicoletiid diversity.Expand
Effects of multiple mating and adult nutrition on longevity and fecundity in two Yponomeuta species
Many male Lepidoptera transfer a large ejaculate, containing nutrients and/or secondary plant compounds. In principle this ‘nuptial gift’ could help to increase female survival and longevity. Here weExpand