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Microscopic detection of thermogenesis in a single HeLa cell.
We report here the technique for detection and measurement of the temperature changes in single cells using a recently devised microthermometer (a glass micropipette filled with the thermosensitiveExpand
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Purification of cytoplasmic actin by affinity chromatography using the C-terminal half of gelsolin.
A new rapid method of the cytoplasmic actin purification, not requiring the use of denaturants or high concentrations of salt, was developed, based on the affinity chromatography using the C-terminalExpand
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Hereditary deficiency of lactate dehydrogenase M-subunit.
A family with a complete deficiency of lactate dehydrogenase M-subunit was investigated. The propositus was an 18-year-old male who complained of exertional pigmenturia and easy fatigue. MarkedExpand
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Effects of corticosteroids in preterm sheep on adaptation and sympathoadrenal mechanisms at birth.
This study investigates the effects of prenatal corticosteroid administration on newborn sympathoadrenal mechanisms involved in postnatal adaptation. Randomly assigned preterm (122-125 days) fetalExpand
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A nanoparticle-based ratiometric and self-calibrated fluorescent thermometer for single living cells.
The homeostasis of body temperature and energy balance is one of the major principles in biology. Nanoscale thermometry of aqueous solutions is a challenging but crucial technique to understand theExpand
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Effect of sample site on fatty acid composition of adipose tissue.
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Highly thermosensitive Ca2+ dynamics in a HeLa cell through IP3 receptors
Intracellular Ca2+ distribution and its dynamics are essential for various cellular functions. We show with single HeLa cells that a microscopic heat pulse induces Ca2+ uptake into intracellularExpand
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Prolonged β-Agonist Infusion Does Not Induce Desensitization or Down-Regulation of β-Adrenergic Receptors in Newborn Sheep
ABSTRACT: In adult animals, prolonged β-agonist expo-sore leads to down-regulation of β-adrenergic receptors and deseasitization. Prior evidence from our lab suggests that this may not occur inExpand
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The effects of corticosteroids and thyrotropin-releasing hormone on newborn adaptation and sympathoadrenal mechanisms in preterm sheep.
OBJECTIVES We examined the effect of prenatal corticosteroids and thyrotropin-releasing hormone on postnatal adaptation and sympathoadrenal function in preterm lambs. STUDY DESIGN CatheterizedExpand
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Cardiac thin filament regulation and the Frank–Starling mechanism
Abstract The heart has an intrinsic ability to increase systolic force in response to a rise in ventricular filling (the Frank–Starling law of the heart). It is widely accepted that the lengthExpand
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