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Endogenous Plant Cell Wall Digestion: A Key Mechanism in Insect Evolution
The prevailing view that insects lack endogenous enzymes for plant cell wall (PCW) digestion had led to the hypothesis that PCW digestion evolved independently in different insect taxa through theExpand
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Morphological and RAPD analysis of hybridization between Quercus affinis and Q. laurina (fagaceae), two Mexican red oaks.
Quercus affinis and Q. laurina are two closely related Mexican red oaks with partially overlapping distributions. Within the area of overlap, there are localities where morphological intergradationExpand
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Interspecific gene flow in a multispecies oak hybrid zone in the Sierra Tarahumara of Mexico.
BACKGROUND AND AIMS Interspecific gene flow can occur in many combinations among species within the genus Quercus, but simultaneous hybridization among more than two species has been rarely analysed.Expand
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Natural hybridization and hybrid zones between Quercus crassifolia and Quercus crassipes (Fagaceae) in Mexico: morphological and molecular evidence.
Hybrid zones provide interesting systems to study genetic and ecological interaction between different species. The correct identification of hybrids is necessary to understand the evolutionaryExpand
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Conservation Genetics of the East Pacific Green Turtle (Chelonia mydas) in Michoacan, Mexico
The main continental nesting rookeries of the east Pacific green turtle (EPGT), Chelonia mydas, on the Michoacan (Mexico) coast suffered drastic population declines following intense exploitation inExpand
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The Effects of Domestication ofBrassicaandPhaseoluson the Interaction between Phytophagous Insects and Parasitoids
Abstract Domesticated plants which have been the subject of artificial selection have altered allelochemistry and nutrient content. Insects that feed on these plants, as well as the parasitoids thatExpand
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Leaf Fluctuating Asymmetry Increases with Hybridization and Introgression between Quercus magnoliifolia and Quercus resinosa (Fagaceae) through an Altitudinal Gradient in Mexico
We tested the effects of hybridization and introgression on the levels of leaf fluctuating asymmetry (FA) in a hybrid zone between Quercus magnoliifolia and Quercus resinosa at the Tequila volcano,Expand
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Conservation genetics of an endemic and endangered epiphytic Laelia speciosa (Orchidaceae).
We used isozymes (16 loci in 11 enzymatic systems) from Laelia speciosa, an endemic and endangered epiphytic orchid of Mexico, to assess the genetic diversity and population genetic structure in nineExpand
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Genetic variation and differentiation of populations within the Quercus affinis Quercus laurina (Fagaceae) complex analyzed with RAPD markers
The population genetics of two hybridizing Mexican red oaks, Quercus affinis Schweid. and Quercus laurina Humb. & Bonpl., was investigated with 54 randomly amplified polymorphic DNA (RAPD) markersExpand
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Canopy arthropod communities on Mexican oaks at sites with different disturbance regimes
Abstract We examined the effects of forest disturbance and fragmentation on diversity and composition of canopy arthropod fauna in six oak species in central Mexico. Canopy fogging of 54 trees duringExpand
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