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The Search for American Political Development
1. The historical construction of politics 2. Unraveling the premise: the cultural critique 3. The institutional turn: rethinking order and change in time: 4. Political development: the definition 5.Expand
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Belated Feudalism: Labor, the Law, and Liberal Development in the United States
Preface 1. Introduction: liberalism and labor in developmental perspective 2. The transition to liberalism and the remnant of American labor 3. Belated feudalism: the order of the workplace inExpand
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The Primacy of Labor in American Constitutional Development
As demonstrated in landmark decisions of the U.S. Supreme Court, American constitutional development has been fueled since the framing by disputes arising from changing labor relations in bothExpand
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Standing to Sue: Interest Group Conflict in the Federal Courts *
  • K. Orren
  • Political Science
  • 1 September 1976
The law of standing—rules by which judges find whether a party may bring suit—has been liberalized in the federal courts to permit interest group disputes not ordinarily possible. Following anExpand
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Regimes and Regime Building in American Government: A Review of Literature on the 1940s
The days when the New Deal offered scholars a reliable springboard for plunging into an analysis of contemporary American politics are long past. Any number of important changes-the revolution inExpand
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Presidential Assassination: A Case Study in the Dynamics of Political Socialization
HOW DOES SOCIETY transmit political attitudes and orientations to its young? Considerable data have been amassed to demonstrate the importance of the primary group, particularly the family, as aExpand
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Theorizing about political institutions has taken as its central task the explanation of order and regularity over time. The rationale for this seems so straightforward as to appear almostExpand
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Studies in American political development
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