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Epidemiology of interstitial cystitis.
  • K. Oravisto
  • Medicine
  • Annales chirurgiae et gynaecologiae Fenniae
  • 1975
Almost all the patients (95 women and 8 men) with interstitial cystitis, i.e. autoimmune cystitis, in this area with a population of about 970,000 were probably traced. The prevalence of the diseaseExpand
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Preoperative irradiation in the treatment of renal adenocarcinoma.
The effect of preoperative irradiation on the survival of patients with renal adenocarcinoma was studied in a clinical trial. 88 patients with verified renal carcinoma entered the trial duringExpand
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Active specific immunotherapy of advanced renal-cell carcinoma.
The results of a specific active immunotherapy method following palliative nephrectomy in 31 patients suffering from advanced renal-cell carcinoma are presented. The control patient group comprisedExpand
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Antitissue antibodies in interstitial cystitis.
Sera from thirty-three female patients with interstitial cystitis were studied for the presence of antitissue antibodies and a positive result was obtained in thirty-one cases (94%). AntinuclearExpand
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Treatment of interstitial cystitis with immunosuppression and chloroquine derivatives.
Azathioprine, an immunosuppressive agent, was given to 38 patients presenting with intestinal cystitis. Pain disappeared completely in 22 patients and pollakiuria did the same in 20 patients,Expand
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Interstitial cystitis. Clinical and immunological findings.
Fifty-four female patients were treated for interstitial cystitis. The age range was 16 to 80 and the mean age 59 years. The average duration of symptoms before diagnosis was six years.AntinuclearExpand
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Electron microscopic and histological findings on urinary bladder epithelium in interstitial cystitis.
Urinary bladder epithelium was studied with electron microscope in 50 patients with interstitial cystitis (IC) and 9 controls. In addition, biopsies of 14 patients with IC were studied with specialExpand
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The effect of cystectomy on antitissue antibodies in interstitial cystitis.
Cystectomy was carried out on three patients with interstitial cystitis who had elevated antibody titres against cell nuclei and crude kidney homogenate. These titres decreased within 12 months ofExpand
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Optimal intravesical dosage of thio-tepa in the prophylaxis of recurrent bladder papillomatosis.
  • K. Oravisto
  • Medicine
  • Scandinavian journal of urology and nephrology
  • 1972
The efficacy of intravesically administered Thio Tepa in reducing and terminating recurrences of bladder papillomas has been proved by several authors. The present report shows that adequate effectExpand
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