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Cyberspace as Place and the Limits of Metaphor
Although the internet is little more than a vast network of computers, it Ithou is often thought of in spatial terms. The very term ’cyberspace’ implies that it is a place, albeit one separate fromExpand
Copyrighting facts? Ownership of news images
ABSTRACT Striking the proper balance between private intellectual property interests and the public interest is especially important in the context of news, given its fundamental role in democracy.Expand
The Reluctant Medievalist
The Copyright Claims Board and the Individual Creator: Is Real Reform Possible?
Recent copyright reform efforts include legislation in the Congress that would create a copyright claims board to help individual creators and small businesses enforce their copyrights without theExpand
Injunctions and the Public Interest in Fair Use Cases After eBay
The indeterminacy of the fair use doctrine can frustrate those who wish to use copyrighted material to create something new. When coupled with the ready availability of injunctive relief forExpand
Transforming Fair Use Online: The Ninth Circuit's Productive-Use Analysis of Visual Search Engines
Courts have increasingly looked to the concept of “transformative use” to determine whether the use of a copyrighted work is protected under the fair use doctrine. Judge Pierre Leval's definition ofExpand
Opposing Hate Speech
Opposing Hate Speech. Anthony Cortese. Westport, CT: Praeger, 2006. 229 pp. $39.95 hbk. In ruling on everything from campus speech codes to the Nuremberg Files Web site, U.S. courts have found itExpand
The Future of Fair Use
Despite the warnings of copyright scholars at the turn of the twenty-first century, the future of the fair use doctrine is bright. This essay considers the recent trend of fair use cases and offersExpand