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Biology, ecology, and management of the bulb mites of the genus Rhizoglyphus (Acari: Acaridae)
Management of bulbmites is complicated by their short generation time, high reproductive potential, broad food niche, interactions with other pests and pathogens, and unique adaptations for dispersal.
An Operational framework for defining and monitoring forest degradation
Forest degradation is broadly defined as a reduction in the capacity of a forest to produce ecosystem services such as carbon storage and wood products as a result of anthropogenic and environmental
Bumblebee commercialization will cause worldwide migration of parasitic mites
The results indicate that transportation of bumblebee colonies will cause overseas migration of parasitic mites of different origins.
Forest Biodiversity and the Delivery of Ecosystem Goods and Services: Translating Science into Policy
It is suggested that scientists can be much more effective at informing policy and improving resource management by asking policy-relevant questions and providing timely and consistent information to decisionmakers and the public on the linkages among biodiversity, ecosystem services, and their value to people.
Worldwide migration of parasitic mites as a result of bumblebee commercialization
The results suggest that bumblebee commercialization has caused overseas migration and cross-infestation of parasitic mites among natural and commercial colonies.
Forest biodiversity, carbon and other ecosystem services: relationships and impacts of deforestation and forest degradation
REDD+ actions should be based on the best science and on the understanding that forests can provide more than a repository for carbon but also offer a wide range of services beneficial to people.
Biodiversity and ecosystem services: lessons from nature to improve management of planted forests for REDD-plus
Planted forests are increasingly contributing wood products and other ecosystem services at a global scale. These forests will be even more important as carbon markets develop and REDD-plus forest
Community structures of Mesostigmata, Prostigmata and Oribatida in broad-leaved regeneration forests and conifer plantations of various ages
The community structures of Mesostigmata, Prostigmata, and Oribatida in the soil of broad-leaved regeneration forests and conifer plantations of various ages were assessed alongside soil and plant