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The insecticide susceptibility of the brown planthopper, Nilaparvata lugens, and white-backed planthopper, Sogatella furcifera, collected from China and Japan.
We determined the insecticide susceptibility of the brown planthopper (BPH) and white-backed planthopper (WBPH), which were collected from China and Japan in 1997, by topical application. TheExpand
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A useful new insecticide bioassay using first-instar larvae of a net-spinning caddisfly, Cheumatopsyche brevilineata (Trichoptera: Hydropsychidae)
A new insecticide bioassay for assessing the effects of acute insecticide toxicity on lotic insects was developed. It uses first-instar larvae of a net-spinning caddisfly, CheumatopsycheExpand
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Sensitivity difference to insecticides of a riverine caddisfly, Cheumatopsyche brevilineata (Trichoptera: Hydropsychidae), depending on the larval stages and strains
To determine sensitivity to fenitrothion (MEP), fenobucarb (BPMC) and imidacloprid (IMI) in each larval instar of Cheumatopsyche brevilineata, we carried out 48-hr acute toxicity tests using strainsExpand
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Effects of short-term, sublethal fipronil and its metabolite on dragonfly feeding activity
Dragonflies, Sympetrum spp., are indispensable to agriculture and are a central element of culture in Japan. However, S. frequens populations in rice paddy fields have declined in recent decades.Expand
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Synthesis of Patulin and Its Cyclohexane Analogue from Furan Derivatives
Patulin, a mycotoxin from fungi of Penicillium and Aspergillis species, and its cyclohexane analogue were synthesized concisely via oxidation of furan derivatives, followed by cyclization to give aExpand
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A method for mass-rearing caddisfly, Cheumatopsyche brevilineata (Iwata) (Trichoptera: Hydropsychidae), as a new test organism for assessing the impact of insecticides on riverine insects
This paper introduces a new method for the mass-rearing of a typical riverine insect, Cheumatopsyche brevilineata. This caddisfly could be easily reared continuously under laboratory conditions inExpand
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Concentrations of herbicides used in rice paddy fields in river water and impact on algal production
Plankton and periphyton algae communities are important for maintaining the proper function of aquatic ecosystems. The purpose of this study is to investigate exposure characteristics of riceExpand
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Sensitivity to several rice paddy pesticides for the tadpoles of Japanese Tree Frog( Hyla japonica )
1.緒言 カエルは,幼生(オタマジャクシ)が水生昆虫 等 の,成体がヘビ類 やサギ等鳥類 の主要 な餌となることから,水系及び周辺域の生態系の 多様性維持において重要な位置を占めるとされ, また,大量の昆虫類を補食することから土着天敵 としての活用 も模索されており,その保全が 求められている 。ニホンアマガエル(Hyla japonica)は日本全国に生息し,水田やその周辺Expand