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Loss of RNA–Dependent RNA Polymerase 2 (RDR2) Function Causes Widespread and Unexpected Changes in the Expression of Transposons, Genes, and 24-nt Small RNAs
An RNA–seq experiment conducted on shoot apical meristems revealed that RDR2 plays a significant role in regulating the expression of not only transposons, but also of genes, and two-thirds of differentially regulated genes were down-regulated in the mop1 mutant. Expand
Tissue Specificity and Evolution of Meristematic WOX3 Function1[W][OA]
The data reveal that WUS1 and PRS1 can engage in equivalent protein-protein interactions and direct transcription of conserved target genes, suggesting that their subfunctionalization has evolved primarily via diverse promoter specificity. Expand
Global gene expression analysis of the shoot apical meristem of maize (Zea mays L.)
Global analyses of gene expression were conducted on maize (Zea mays L.) SAMs to identify genes preferentially expressed in the SAM, and surprisingly, transcripts that hybridized to 62 retrotransposon-related cDNAs were also substantially up-regulated in theSAM. Expand
Telomerase activity in neuroblastoma: is it a prognostic indicator of clinical behaviour?
The level of telomerase activity correlated with other genetic alterations and/or gene expression and may be a useful prognostic indicator in neuroblastoma was investigated. Expand
Regulation of Small RNA Accumulation in the Maize Shoot Apex
It is shown that miR390, an upstream determinant in leaf polarity whose activity triggers tas3 ta-siRNA biogenesis, accumulates adaxially in leaves and the polar expression of miR 390 is established and maintained independent of the ta-SIRNA pathway. Expand
AOX1c, a novel rice gene for alternative oxidase; comparison with rice AOX1a and AOX1b.
Northern hybridization analyses revealed that AOX1c and AOx1a/AOX1b transcripts accumulated differently in various rice organs and rice seedlings under low temperature conditions, and the rice Aox1c gene was apparently not responsive to low temperature. Expand
AOX 1 c , a novel rice gene for alternative oxidase ; comparison with rice AOX 1 a and AOX 1 b
A novel gene for alternative oxidase (AOX) was isolated from rice ( Oryza sativa L.) and characterized. The deduced amino acid sequence of the novel AOX gene contains features that are conservedExpand
Microdissection of Shoot Meristem Functional Domains
Reverse genetic analyses of asceapen1 (asc1), a maize D 4-cyclin gene upregulated in the P0/P1, revealed novel leaf phenotypes, less genetic redundancy, and expanded D4-CYCLIN function during maize shoot development as compared to Arabidopsis. Expand
Diagnostic and prognostic impact of beta-catenin alterations in pediatric liver tumors.
Investigation of the genetic alterations of the CTNNB1 coding beta-catenin protein and expression of several genes downstream of Wnt signals in 4 benign and 17 malignant pediatric liver tumors concluded that cyclin D1, a gene downstream of beta- catenin, might play a role in tumor progression. Expand