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Triterpenes from the leaves of Parsonsia laevigata
Abstract A novel taraxerane-type triterpene-diol, in addition to taraxerol and lupeol, was isolated from the leaves of Parsonsia laevigata . Its structure was shown to be (4β)-D-friedoolean-Expand
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Volatile monoterpenoid constituents of the plantlets of Mentha spicata produced by shoot tip culture.
Abstract Shoot tip culture of Mentha spicata was carried out in both Murashige-Skoog and Gamborg's B5 media supplemented with various levels of growth regulators. Cultured bodies were produced by theExpand
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DPPH-radical Scavenging Constituents from the Twigs of Messerschmidia argentea(3)
Five aromatic compounds possessing DPPH-radical scavenging activity were iso lated from a water extract of the twigs of Messerschmidia argentea. These com pounds were identified as rosmarinic acidExpand
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Pyrrolizidine alkaloids from Messerschmidia argentea
Abstract A novel pyrrolizidine alkaloid, 3′-acetylindicine-N-oxide {[1R-[1α, 7(2R∗,3S∗), 7αβ]]-3- acetoxy-2-hydroxy -2-(1-methylethyl)-butanoic acidExpand
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Bioactive Naphthoquinone Derivatives from Diospyros maritima BLUME
From the fresh fruits of Diospyros maritima BLUME (Ebenaceae) three new naphthoquinones, 3-bromoplumbagin (1), ethylidene-6, 6'-biplumbagin (2), and 3-(2-hydroxyethyl)plumbagin (3), were isolated, inExpand
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Three new naphthoquinone derivatives from Diospyros maritima Blume.
Three new naphthoquinone derivatives, 6-(1-ethoxyethyl)plumbagin (16), ethylidene-3,3'-biplumbagin (17), and ethylidene-3,6'-biplumbagin (18), were isolated, in addition to six known naphthoquinones,Expand
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Glucosides from the leaves of Cynanchum liukiuense (2)
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