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Purification and Characterization of Laminaran Hydrolases from Trichoderma viride
Results indicated that T. viride U-1 has a multiple glucanolytic enzyme system that hydrolyzed laminaran from Eisenia bicyclis and showed that lam AI and AII were specific for β-1,3-linkages, but lam B was specific for €1,6- linkages. Expand
Cloning and Expression of a Novel Trichoderma viride Laminarinase AI Gene (lamAI)
The gene lamAI, which encodes a novel laminarinase AI of Trichoderma viride U-1, was cloned using RT-PCR in conjunction with the rapid amplification of cDNA ends (RACE) technique, resulting in a recombinant enzyme with as high activity against laminaran as native LAMAI. Expand
Sugar production from agricultural woody wastes by saccharification with Trichoderma viride cellulase.
  • N. Toyama, K. Ogawa
  • Materials Science, Medicine
  • Biotechnology and bioengineering symposium
  • 1975
The saccharification of agricultural woody wastes was studied using a commercial enzyme preparation, Cellulase onozuka, derived from Trichoderma viride or the solid culture extracts of the fungus, resulting in the formation of 5 to 10% sugar solutions after incubation at pH 5.0. Expand
Purification and some properties of a novel chitosanase from Bacillus subtilis KH1.
One of at least two chitosanases secreted in the culture filtrate of Bacillus subtilis KH1 was purified by two sequential DEAE Sepharose CL-6B chromatographies, followed by Sephacryl S-100 HR gelExpand
Toxicity and Mutagenesis of Chrysotile Asbestos toAgrobacterium radiobacter
Mutation in genomic DNA of A. radiobacter was found to be induced by asbestos and one of the mutations by the asbestos occurred only in the primer annealed region and was a point mutation or deletion. Expand
Purification and characterization of a novel chitinase from Burkholderia cepacia strain KH2 isolated from the bed log of Lentinus edodes, Shiitake mushroom.
One of the chitinases secreted in the culture filtrate of a gram-negative bacteria, Burkholderia cepacia strain KH2, which was isolated from the bed log of Lentinus edodes, Shiitake mushrooms, wasExpand
Purification and characterization of a chitinase from Trichoderma viride.
Usukizyme, a commercial enzyme preparation from Trichoderma viride, showed multiple chitin- degrading activities. One of these was purified to homogeneity by sequential DEAE Sepharose CL-6B,Expand
Heavy Metal Particle Resistance in Thiobacillus intermedius 13-1 Isolated from Corroded Concrete
Abstract The effect of exposure to heavy metal particles on the growth and survival of bacterial cells was investigated. Thiobacillus intermedius 13-1, Escherichia coli JM109, and AgrobacteriumExpand