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A practical method for position-dependent Compton-scatter correction in single photon emission CT.
A new method is proposed to subtract the count of scattered photons from that acquired with a photopeak window at each pixel in each planar image of single-photon emission computed tomographyExpand
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An improved Internet-based melanoma screening system with dermatologist-like tumor area extraction algorithm
We present an Internet-based melanoma screening system that performs the following procedures when a remote user uploads a dermoscopy image: separates the tumor area from the surrounding skin using highly accurate dermatologist-like tumor area extraction algorithm, calculates a total of 428 features for the characterization of the tumor, classifies the tumor as melanoma or nevus using a neural network classifier, and presents the diagnosis. Expand
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Path-Loss Prediction Models for Intervehicle Communication at 60 GHz
Propagation path losses affecting intervehicle communication (IVC) at 60 GHz are presented. Expand
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Classification of melanocytic skin lesions from non-melanocytic lesions
In this paper, we present a classification method of dermoscopy images between melanocytic skin lesions (MSLs) and non-melanocytic Skin lesions (NoMSL) using only two image features. Expand
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Quantitative assessment of tumour extraction from dermoscopy images and evaluation of computer-based extraction methods for an automatic melanoma diagnostic system
The aims of this study were to provide a quantitative assessment of the tumour area extracted by dermatologists and to evaluate computer-based methods from dermoscopy images for refining aExpand
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Ultra high resolution pinhole SPECT for small animal study
The aim of the study is to develop an ultra high-resolution pinhole SPECT system and analyze the performance by simulations. The pinhole SPECT was conducted with a Toshiba GCA-7200 A gamma camera.Expand
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Urban Heat Island Assessment for a Tropical Urban Airshed in India
There has been paucity of field campaigns in India in past few decades on the urban heat island intensities (UHI). Remote sensing observations provide useful information on urban heat islandExpand
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An analysis of the effective performance of a handset diversity antenna influenced by head, hand, and shoulder effects—A proposal for a diversity antenna gain based on a signal bit‐error rate and
An analysis of the effective performance of a handset diversity antenna, comprising a whip antenna and a planar inverted F antenna (PIFA), has been made by introducing a new figure-of-merit, the Diversity Antenna Gain (DAG). Expand
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Three‐phase general border detection method for dermoscopy images using non‐uniform illumination correction
Computer‐aided diagnosis of dermoscopy images has shown great promise in developing a quantitative, objective way of classifying skin lesions. An important step in the classification process isExpand
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Computer-based classification of dermoscopy images of melanocytic lesions on acral volar skin.
We describe a fully automated system for the classification of acral volar melanomas. We used a total of 213 acral dermoscopy images (176 nevi and 37 melanomas). Our automatic tumor area extractionExpand
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