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[Pharmacokinetics and biotransformation of the analgesic flupirtine in the rat and dog].
A brain/plasma concentration ratio of greater than or equal to 1 was found and is a favourable prerequisite for a centrally acting analgesic. Expand
Antimicrobial effect of gaseous and aqueous ozone on caries pathogen microorganisms grown in biofilms.
Univariate ANOVA with partial eta-squared (Eta2) statistics showed major effects for concentration/contact time of the agent on bacteria survival and high concentrated gaseous and aqueous ozone seem to be potential alternatives to CHX with equivalent antimicrobial activity. Expand
[The influence of tinofedrine on cerebral energy metabolism in normotensive, hypotensive and hypoxemic rats after carotis ligation (author's transl)].
The glucose concentration and energy state of the brain were used as criteria of the degree of cerebral disturbance and after intravenous injection of tinofedrine such a disturbed cerebral state could be normalized partially or completely. Expand
[Studies on pharmacokinetics and biotransformation of reproterol in animal and man (author's transl)].
A great similarity was shown for the reproterol metabolism in rat, dog, rabbit and man, with complete metabolization, the same main metabolite is always formed. Expand
[Effect of tinofedrine on oxygen, glucose and lactate metabolism in dogs and rats].
Also in rats tinofedrine causes a significant glucose extraction, expressed as a remarkable rise of the brain uptake index, which indicates, besides a metabolic degradation, the utilization of the obtained glucose as a depot substate. Expand
[Studies on the pharmacokinetics and metabolism of tinofedrine].
3H-Tinofedrine after i.v. and peroral administration is mainly excreted fecally by the rat and the dog, caused by the great extent of the biliary excretion of the metabolites. Expand