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Modulation of the Adrenocortical Responses to Acute Stress in Arctic Birds: A Possible Ecological Basis
There is considerable evidence that the increases in circulating corticosterone levels following acute stress, such as sudden storms, can trigger facultative behavioral patterns designed to maximizeExpand
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New Routes to Phylogeography: A Bayesian Structured Coalescent Approximation
Phylogeographic methods aim to infer migration trends and the history of sampled lineages from genetic data. Applications of phylogeography are broad, and in the context of pathogens include theExpand
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Interannual variability of Black-legged Kittiwake productivity is reflected in baseline plasma corticosterone.
Seabird productivity is shaped by marine resource availability. We examined the link between seabird productivity and an indirect measure of food availability: baseline plasma corticosterone. WeExpand
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Ecological factors underlying the adrenocortical response to capture stress in arctic-breeding shorebirds.
Birds breeding in the Arctic must carefully balance survival and reproduction because of the often extreme environmental conditions and the very brief breeding season. Acute elevation of plasmaExpand
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Abstract Western Sandpipers (Calidris mauri) were followed throughout their annual cycle along the Pacific Coast of North America. Changes in body condition and corticosterone were tracked at twoExpand
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Interannual variation in the adrenal responsiveness of black-legged kittiwake chicks (Rissa tridactyla).
Over the last decade, field endocrinologists have explored the efficacy of using plasma corticosterone concentrations of breeding seabirds as an indicator of food availability and predictor ofExpand
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Spring and Autumn Migration in Arctic Shorebirds: Same Distance, Different Strategies
The Arctic is an extremely inhospitable region for most of the year, but during the summer months it bursts with life. A major proportion of avian species nesting in the Arctic are shorebirds (orderExpand
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The effect of mass immunisation campaigns and new oral poliovirus vaccines on the incidence of poliomyelitis in Pakistan and Afghanistan, 2001–11: a retrospective analysis
Summary Background Pakistan and Afghanistan are two of the three remaining countries yet to interrupt wild-type poliovirus transmission. The increasing incidence of poliomyelitis in these countriesExpand
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A Statistical Model of the International Spread of Wild Poliovirus in Africa Used to Predict and Prevent Outbreaks
Using outbreak data from 2003–2010, Kathleen O'Reilly and colleagues develop a statistical model of the spread of wild polioviruses in Africa that can predict polio outbreaks six months in advance.
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