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Evaluation of a risk of malignancy index based on serum CA125, ultrasound findings and menopausal status in the pre‐operative diagnosis of pelvic masses
Objective To evaluate the ability of a risk of malignancy index (RMI), based on a serum CA125 level, ultrasound findings and menopausal status, to discriminate a benign from a malignant pelvic massExpand
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The risk-of-malignancy index to evaluate potential ovarian cancers in local hospitals.
OBJECTIVE To assess the risk-of-malignancy index (a scoring system based on menopausal status, ultrasound features, and serum CA 125) at district hospitals for referral of women with suspectedExpand
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Summary Report on the ISOBM TD-4 Workshop: Analysis of 56 Monoclonal Antibodies against the MUC1 Mucin
Sixteen research groups participated in the ISOBM TD-4 Workshop in which the reactivity and specificity of 56 monoclonal antibodies against the MUC1 mucin was investigated using a diverse panel ofExpand
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Immunometric assay interference: incidence and prevention.
BACKGROUND The primary aim of the study was to reduce interference in an in-house two-site, two-step immunometric assay. METHODS In the running laboratory routine, 11 261 samples were tested with aExpand
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Heterophilic antibody interference in immunometric assays.
Immunometric assays are inherently vulnerable to interference from heterophilic antibodies, endogenous antibodies that bind assay antibodies. The consequences of such interference can be devastating.Expand
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Human epididymis protein 4 reference limits and natural variation in a Nordic reference population
The objectives of this study are to establish reference limits for human epididymis protein 4, HE4, and investigate factors influencing HE4 levels in healthy subjects. HE4 was measured in 1,591Expand
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Specificity and affinity of 26 monoclonal antibodies against the CA 125 antigen: first report from the ISOBM TD-1 workshop. International Society for Oncodevelopmental Biology and Medicine.
The specificity of 26 monoclonal antibodies against the CA 125 antigen was investigated in two phases of the ISOBM TD-1 workshop. The binding specificity was studied using CA 125 immunoextracted byExpand
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Elimination of malignant clonogenic breast cancer cells from human bone marrow.
Autologous bone marrow transplantation is a promising approach to the treatment of breast cancer but is at present limited to patients without bone marrow metastases. To eliminate malignantExpand
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Epitopes on CA 125 from Cervical Mucus and Ascites Fluid and Characterization of Six New Antibodies
CA 125 is found in body fluids in a variety of molecular weight forms. The largest species are found in normal abdominal fluid and cervical mucus. The present study therefore incorporated CA 125Expand
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Activation of EphA receptors on CD4+CD45RO+ memory cells stimulates migration
We have demonstrated previously that binding of ephrin‐A1 to EphA receptors on human CD4+ and CD8+ T cells stimulates migration. Two EphA receptors have been reported in T cells: EphA1 at the proteinExpand
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