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Natural cutoffs and quantum tunneling from black hole horizon
A bstractWe study tunneling of massless particles through quantum horizon of a Schwarzschild black hole where quantum gravity effects are taken into account. These effects are encoded in the
Noncommutative Geometry Inspired Charged Black Holes in Extra Dimensions
In a recent paper, Ansoldi, Nicolini, Smailagic and Spallucci (ANSS) have found a new, noncommutative inspired solution of the coupled Einstein-Maxwell field equations including black holes in
Generalized uncertainty principle, modified dispersion relations and the early universe thermodynamics
In this paper, we study the effects of Generalized Uncertainty Principle (GUP) and Modified Dispersion Relations (MDRs) on the thermodynamics of ultra-relativistic particles in early universe. We
Minimal length and generalized Dirac equation
Existence of a minimal observable length which has been indicated by string theory and quantum gravity, leads to a modification of Dirac equation. In this letter we find this modified Dirac equation
Black body radiation in a model universe with large extra dimensions and quantum gravity effects
We analyze the problem of black body radiation in the presence of quantum gravity effects encoded in modified dispersion relations and in a model universe with large extra dimensions. In this
Observational constraints on the normal branch of a warped DGP cosmology
Abstract We investigate observational constraints on the normal branch of the warped DGP braneworld cosmology by using observational data from Type Ia Supernovae (SNIa), baryon acoustic oscillations
Energy conditions in F(T,Θ) gravity and compatibility with a stable de Sitter solution
Abstract We study a new type of the modified teleparallel gravity of the form F ( T , Θ ) in which T, the torsion scalar, is coupled with Θ, the trace of the stress–energy tensor. In a perturbational
Minimal length and bouncing-particle spectrum
In this paper we study the effects of the Generalized Uncertainty Principle (GUP) on the spectrum of a particle that is bouncing vertically and elastically on a smooth reflecting floor in the Earth's
Implications of minimal length scale on the statistical mechanics of ideal gas
Abstract Several alternative approaches to quantum gravity problem suggest the modification of the fundamental volume ω 0 of the accessible phase space for representative points. This modified
High temperature dimensional reduction in Snyder space
Abstract In this paper, we formulate the statistical mechanics in Snyder space that supports the existence of a minimal length scale. We obtain the corresponding invariant Liouville volume which