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Beyond mind-reading: multi-voxel pattern analysis of fMRI data
A key challenge for cognitive neuroscience is determining how mental representations map onto patterns of neural activity. Recently, researchers have started to address this question by applyingExpand
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Modeling hippocampal and neocortical contributions to recognition memory: a complementary-learning-systems approach.
The authors present a computational neural-network model of how the hippocampus and medial temporal lobe cortex (MTLC) contribute to recognition memory. The hippocampal component contributes byExpand
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The cognitive neuroscience of constructive memory.
Numerous empirical and theoretical observations point to the constructive nature of human memory. This paper reviews contemporary research pertaining to two major types of memory distortions thatExpand
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False recognition in younger and older adults: Exploring the characteristics of illusory memories
Roediger and McDermott (1995) demonstrated that when subjects hear a list of associates to a “theme word” that has itself not been presented, they frequently claim to recollect having heard theExpand
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Effect of unitization on associative recognition in amnesia
We examined how associative recognition performance in amnesic patients is mediated by use of a unitized (i.e., holistic) encoding strategy, and the degree to which the unitization effect is relatedExpand
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Shared memories reveal shared structure in neural activity across individuals
Our lives revolve around sharing experiences and memories with others. When different people recount the same events, how similar are their underlying neural representations? Participants viewed aExpand
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Category-Specific Cortical Activity Precedes Retrieval During Memory Search
Here we describe a functional magnetic resonance imaging study of humans engaged in memory search during a free recall task. Patterns of cortical activity associated with the study of threeExpand
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A context maintenance and retrieval model of organizational processes in free recall.
The authors present the context maintenance and retrieval (CMR) model of memory search, a generalized version of the temporal context model of M. W. Howard and M. J. Kahana (2002a), which proposesExpand
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Discovering Event Structure in Continuous Narrative Perception and Memory
During realistic, continuous perception, humans automatically segment experiences into discrete events. Using a novel model of cortical event dynamics, we investigate how cortical structures generateExpand
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How hippocampus and cortex contribute to recognition memory: Revisiting the complementary learning systems model
  • K. Norman
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  • 1 November 2010
We describe how the Complementary Learning Systems neural network model of recognition memory (Norman and O'Reilly (2003) Psychol Rev 104:611–646) can shed light on current debates regardingExpand
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