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Early human IgH gene assembly in Epstein-Barr virus-transformed fetal B cell lines. Preferential utilization of the most JH-proximal D segment (DQ52) and two unusual VH-related rearrangements
We have analyzed the phenotypic characteristics and IgH gene rearrangements in a panel of EBV-transformed B lineage cell lines from human fetal liver and bone marrow. Some lines contained onlyExpand
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Promotion of women physicians in academic medicine.
To the Editor. —The article entitled "Promotion of Women Physicians in Academic Medicine" by Dr Tesch and colleagues 1 is an important contribution to our understanding of the advancement of women inExpand
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Colposcopic evaluation of abnormal Papanicolaou smears in pregnancy.
Colposcopy was used to examine 401 pregnant patients with cytologic or clinical abnormalities of the cervix to determine if routine biopsy could be safely omitted except where the colposcopicExpand
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A human monoclonal macroglobulin with specificity for alpha(2----8)- linked poly-N-acetyl neuraminic acid, the capsular polysaccharide of group B meningococci and Escherichia coli K1, which
We have described an IgM antibody from a patient with macroglobulinemia specifically reacting with poly-alpha(2----8)N-acetyl neuraminic acid (NeuNAc) the capsular polysaccharide of two importantExpand
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VH gene usage in humans: biased usage of the VH6 gene in immature B lymphoid cells
Preferential usage of JH‐proximal VH genes has been demonstrated in immature murine B cell repertoires. To determine whether this phenomenon is also evident in human repertoires, we studiedExpand
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Human and Mouse Monoclonal Antibodies to Blood Group A Substance, Which Are Nearly Identical Immunochemically, Use Radically Different Primary Sequences (*)
A human monoclonal antibody (HuA) specific for blood group A substance with two fucose groups was found to be immunochemically almost identical with that of a previously characterized mouseExpand
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Osseous sarcoidosis of the hand: pathologic analysis and review of the literature.
A destructive granulomatous process involving the right fifth metacarpal and the soft tissues of the right thumb and nose of an African-American woman without pulmonary disease is described. TheExpand
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Compensation to a department of medicine and its faculty members for the teaching of medical students and house staff.
BACKGROUND Changes in the organization and financing of health care threaten to alter the prevailing system of financing the teaching of medical students and residents. Little information isExpand
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Monoclonal anti-DNA IgM kappa in neuropathy binds to myelin and to a conformational epitope formed by phosphatidic acid and gangliosides.
Anti-DNA antibodies that cross-react with phosphorylated epitopes of other cellular constituents may be involved in the pathogenesis of autoimmune disease. An IgM monoclonal antibody from a patientExpand
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The status of women at one academic medical center. Breaking through the glass ceiling.
Despite recent gains in admission to medical school and in obtaining junior faculty positions, women remain underrepresented at senior academic ranks and in leadership positions in medicine. ThisExpand
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