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Effect on cosmic microwave background polarization of coupling of quintessence to pseudoscalar formed from the electromagnetic field and its dual.
This work derives the most stringent constraint on the coupling strength of the coupling between quintessence and pseudoscalar of electromagnetism, finding that in some cases the rotation-induced B mode can confuse the hunting for the gravitational lensing- induced B mode.
The Yuan-Tseh Lee Array for microwave background anisotropy
The Yuan-Tseh Lee Array for microwave background anisotropy is the first interferometer dedicated to study the cosmic microwave background radiation at 3 mm wavelength. The choice of 3 mm is to
Effects of a preinflation radiation-dominated epoch to CMB anisotropy
We consider that the preinflation era is radiation dominated, transiting smoothly to the inflationary era. We work out in detail the dynamics of inflaton fluctuations across the phase transition and
Conversion of Neutron Stars Into Strange Stars
There have been a great deal of interest in the conversion of neutron stars into “strange” stars (Baymetae.1985; Olinto1987; Olinto1991; Ole-sen & Madsen1991; Heiselbergetae.1991; Horvath &
AMiBA: Array for Microwave Background Anisotropy
As part of a 4-year Cosmology and Particle Astrophysics (CosPA) Research Excellence Initiative in Taiwan, AMiBA $-$ a 19-element dual-channel 85-105 GHz interferometer array is being specifically
Numerical study of pseudoscalar inflation with an axion-gauge field coupling
A numerical study of a pseudoscalar inflation having an axion-photon-like coupling is performed by solving numerically the coupled differential equations of motion for inflaton and photon mode
A high-energy neutrino signature from supersymmetric relics
Abstract We compute the energy spectrum of high-energy (0.1–10 GeV) neutrinos produced by the annihilation of supersymmetric (SUSY) cold dark matter trapped in the sun. We compare this spectrum to
Correlation Functions of CMB Anisotropy and Polarization
We give a full analysis of the auto- and cross-correlations between the Stokes parameters of the cosmic microwave background. In particular, we derive the windowing function for an antenna with
Observational Strategies of Cosmic Microwave Background Temperature and Polarization Interferometry Experiments
We have simulated the interferometric observation of the cosmic microwave background (CMB) temperature and polarization fluctuations. We have constructed data pipelines from the time-ordered raw