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Ablation and Thermal Depths in VSP Er : YAG Laser Skin Resurfacing
A theoretical micro-explosions computer (MEC) model is developed that explicitly links laser and tissue parameters with the clinical end effects of ablation and residual heat deposition in skin, and has already been implemented in the latest VSP Er:YAG laser systems as a software tool for automatic calculation of the expectedAblation and thermal depths in clinical procedures.
New Skin Treatment Possibilities with PIANO Mode on an Nd : YAG Laser
Clinical protocol guidelines for laser skin remodeling, skin tightening and laser-assisted wound healing are developed and the PIANO modality is introduced, which extends the Nd:YAG pulse durations to the seconds regime, is much longer than the thermal relaxation time of the epidermis or any other skin structures.
Effects of pulsed CO2 and Er:YAG lasers on enamel and dentin
Experiments with the Er:YAG laser show that 200 microsecond(s) long Er: YAG laser pulses achieve better ablation in the high energy density range because ablation is not diminished as rapidly by the plasma formation.
Optoacoustic studies of Er:YAG laser ablation in hard dental tissue
Optoacoustic measurements were carried out in order to obtain better understanding of the ablation mechanisms during the illumination of hard dental tissue by Er:YAG laser radiation. A broadband
Saturation effects in ablation of hard dental tissues by Er:YAG
Differing reports exist on the dependence of ablation rate in hard dental tissue on Er:YAG laser energy. In order to clarify this point we have carried out a systematic study of Er:YAG laser ablation
Combined Fractional and Bulk Heating Modality for Nd:YAG Laser Skin Treatments
For deeply penetrating laser wavelengths, such as 1064 nm, the effect of light scattering in the skin leads to a spreading of the beam and consequently a significant reduction in effective fluence
Dependence of Skin Ablation Depths on Er:YAG Laser Fluence
The laser fluence was found to be the major parameter that determines the ablation depth during Er:YAG skin treatments and ablation depths were within experimental error independent of pulse duration, pulse energy and spot size.
[Dental rehabilitation of two epileptic patients suffering from grand mal seizures].
Two patients were suffering from grand mal seizures and since during these seizures, loading is great on the remaining teeth and on the denture, they tried to reduce it with all disposable appliances in prosthetic dentistry.
[Classification of epileptic diseases according to potential of fitting with dental prosthesis].
According to these factors epileptic patients were grouped into four categories with special regard to their dental manageability from the prosthodontic point of view, and the planning of their dental prosthesis was carried out according to the Fábián-Fejérdy classification.