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Britain and the Last Tsar: British Policy and Russia, 1894-1917
Britain and the Last Tsar is a fundamental re-interpretation of British foreign and defence policy before the First World War. The current orthodoxy asserts that the rise of an aggressive andExpand
Britain and the Last Tsar
Military Education: Past, Present and Future
Introduction The Conundrum of Military Education in Historical Perspective by John B. Hattendorf Educating Bellona: Carl von Clausewitz and Military Education by T.G. Ottee "No Officer Rather than aExpand
Trigeminal neuralgia: a cautionary tale
Trigeminal neuralgia is one of the paroxysmal symptoms of multiple sclerosis and may appear in the prodromal stage of this degenerative disease. A patient is described who was diagnosed as sufferingExpand
The Office of the Permanent Under-Secretary for Foreign Affairs, 1854-1946
Introduction 1. Edmund Hammond (1854-1873) 2. Lord Tenterden (1873-1882) 3. Sir Julian Pauncefote (1882-1889) 4. Sir Philip Currie (1889-1893) 5. Sir Thomas Sanderson (1894-1906) 6. Sir CharlesExpand
'my beloved russians': sir arthur nicolson and russia, 1906-1916
The tendency in modern historical writing is to avoid the individual. Social and economic history deal with people in the abstract; statistical composites replace the concrete facts of a single lifeExpand
Greatly Exaggerated: The Myth of the Decline of Great Britain before 1914
the untimely reports of Mark Twain's death in 1897, recent reports of Great Britain's early decline seem 'greatly exaggerated'. -^ Her undoubted slide often asserted, explicitly or implicitly, toExpand
Britain, Soviet Russia and the Collapse of the Versailles Order, 1919-1939
  • K. Neilson
  • Political Science, History
  • 16 January 2006
Introduction 1. The period of persuasion: British strategic foreign policy and Soviet Russia, 1919-33 2. 1933-4: parallel interests? 3. A clash of sensibilities: January to June 1935 4. ComplicationsExpand