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Kinetics of Absorption of Oxygen in Aqueous Solutions of Ammonium Sulfite
The kinetics of absorption of oxygen in aqueous solutions of ammonium sulfite in the presence of cobaltous sulfate (the homogenous catalyst) were studied at 20/sup 0/-46/sup 0/C in stirred cells
Influence of humic acid on the toxicity of copper, cadmium and lead to the unicellular alga,Synechosystis Aquatilis
The present study evaluated the influence of humic acids extracted from mangrove sediments on Cu, Cd and Pb toxicity to the unicellular alga, Synechosystis aquatilis.
Chemistry of episulfides. II. The reactivities of propylene sulfide and propylene oxide towards acetic acid
The rates and products of solvolysis of propylene oxide and propylene sulfide in acetic acid have been determined. The results show that terminal attack is preferred, although not exclusively, and
Seasonal abundance of penaeid postlarvae in the Kali estuary, Karwar
Postlarvae of five species of penaeid prawns were encountered in the seed samples collected from the Kali estuary with the occurrence of P. merguiensis was discontinuous with the peaks in April and October-November and that of M.dobsoni appeared in samples throughout the year with two peaks of abundance.
Refinement of the structure of Mg2As2O7
The crystal structure of Mg2As2O7 has been refined by full matrix least squares procedures using 587 observed reflections. The structure of Mg2As2O7 is of the thortveitite type, as reported by
A Kinetic Study of Isotopic Exchange between Terbium Ion and its EDTA Complex in Aqueous Buffer Systems and the Possible Role of Buffer Anion
The nature of the species undergoing exchange and the role of the buffer anion in the medium are not known precisely from previous investigations on the isotopic exchange of rare earth metal ions w...