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Towards a Lie theory of locally convex groups
  • K. Neeb
  • Mathematics
  • 17 September 2006
Abstract.In this survey, we report on the state of the art of some of the fundamental problems in the Lie theory of Lie groups modeled on locally convex spaces, such as integrability of Lie algebras,Expand
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A Cartan–Hadamard Theorem for Banach–Finsler Manifolds
In this paper we study Banach–Finsler manifolds endowed with a spray which have seminegative curvature in the sense that the corresponding exponential function has a surjective expansive differentialExpand
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Symplectic convexity theorems and coadjoint orbits
© Foundation Compositio Mathematica, 1994, tous droits réservés. L’accès aux archives de la revue « Compositio Mathematica » (http: //http://www.compositio.nl/) implique l’accord avec les conditionsExpand
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Differential Calculus over General Base Fields and Rings
Abstract We present an axiomatic approach to finite- and infinite-dimensional differential calculus over arbitrary infinite fields (and, more generally, suitable rings). The corresponding basicExpand
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Structure and Geometry of Lie Groups
Matrix Groups.- Concrete Matrix Groups. The Matrix Exponential Function. Linear Lie Groups. Lie Algebras.- Elementary Structure Theory of Lie Algebras. Root Decomposition. Representation Theory ofExpand
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Lie semigroups and their applications
Lie semigroups and their tangent wedges.- Examples.- Geometry and topology of Lie semigroups.- Ordered homogeneous spaces.- Applications of ordered spaces to Lie semigroups.- Maximal semigroups inExpand
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Non-Abelian Extensions of Topological Lie Algebras
ABSTRACT In this article we extend and adapt several results on extensions of Lie algebras to topological Lie algebras over topological fields of characteristic zero. In particular, we describe theExpand
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Representations of infinite-dimensional groups
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Basic Lie Theory
This chapter is devoted to the subject proper of this book: Lie groups, defined as smooth manifolds with a group structure such that all structure maps (multiplication and inversion) are smooth. HereExpand
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Infinite-Dimensional Lie Groups
HAL is a multi-disciplinary open access archive for the deposit and dissemination of scientific research documents, whether they are published or not. The documents may come from teaching andExpand
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