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Effects Of Caffeine On Repeated Upper/lower Body Wingates And Handgrip Performance: 2751 Board #37 May 30, 2
International Journal of Exercise Science 8(3): 243-255, 2015. Caffeine enhances aerobic performance, but research is equivocal regarding anaerobic performance. This study examined effects ofExpand
Effects of 2% Dehydration on Lactate Concentration During Constant-Load Cycling
Abstract Green, JM, Miller, B, Simpson, J, Dubroc, D, Keyes, A, Neal, K, Gann, J, and Andre, T. Effects of 2% dehydration on lactate concentration during constant-load cycling. J Strength Cond ResExpand
Effects of Caffeine on Perceptually-Based Intensity Production During Outdoor Running
International Journal of Exercise Science 12(5): 526-535, 2019. Caffeine (CAF) may enhance performance while altering estimated RPE. However, effects of caffeine on RPE production is not wellExpand