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The fifteen causes of color: The physics and chemistry of color
The fifteen causes of color derived from a variety of physical and chemical mechanisms are summarized in five Croups in this article. Vibrations and simple excitations explain the colors ofExpand
Color for Science, Art and Technology
I. The Science of Color. 1. Fundamentals of color science (K. Nassau). 2. The measurement of color (R.T. Marcus). 3. Color vision (J. Krauskopf). 4. The fifteen causes of color (K. Nassau). II. ColorExpand
Infrared Spectra of Foreign Molecules in Beryl
Thirty infrared absorption lines in beryl between 1500 and 11 000 cm−1 are assigned to vibrations of two types of water and to CO2 all in the axial voids of the structure. The spectrum of Type‐IExpand
The Physics and Chemistry of Color: The Fifteen Causes of Color
Preface to the Second Edition.Preface to the First Edition. Acknowledgments for the Second Edition. Acknowledgments for the First Edition. LIGHT AND COLOR. Some Fundamentals: Color, Light, andExpand
The origins of color in minerals
Four formalisms are outlined. Crystal field theory explains the color as well as the fluorescence in transition-metal-containing minerals such as azurite and ruby. The trap concept, as part ofExpand
Calcium tungstate—III: Trivalent rare earth substitution
Abstract The charge compensation of trivalent rare earths in the divalent Ca site of calcium tungstate was studied by the determination of distribution coefficients. The behavior of neodymium wasExpand
Gems Made by Man