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Milrinone treatment of bovine oocytes during in vitro maturation benefits production of nuclear transfer embryos by improving enucleation rate and developmental competence.
Milrinone supplementation during in vitro maturation (IVM) improved enucleation rates by rendering the metaphase plate in close proximity to the first polar body, and this treatment also improved oocyte developmental competence. Expand
Analysis of Tissue-Specific Expression of Human Type II Collagen cDNA Driven by Different Sizes of the Upstream Region of the β-Casein Promoter
Results suggest that promoter sequences of 3.1 kb bovine β-casein gene can be used for induction of mammary gland-specific expression of transgenes in transgenic animals. Expand
Production of Fertile Offspring from Oocytes Grown In Vitro by Nuclear Transfer in Cattle1
The in vitro-grown IVG oocytes that would have the ability to perform specialized activities, including nuclear reprogramming, as an alternative to in vivo-grown oocytes were created and one of the nine embryos reconstructed from the IVGs developed into a living calf following embryo transfer. Expand
Treatment of porcine oocytes with MEM vitamins during in vitro maturation improves subsequent blastocyst development following nuclear transfer.
Adding MEM vitamins to IVM medium could improve subsequent blastocyst development of porcine NT embryos in vitro, and addition of low concentrations of MEM vitamins only to maturation medium increased (P<0.05) the proportion of NT embryos developing into blastocysts compared with the control group. Expand
Brief exposure to cycloheximide prior to electrical activation improves in vitro blastocyst development of porcine parthenogenetic and reconstructed embryos.
Brief exposure to cycloheximide prior to electrical activation may increase the subsequent blastocyst development rates in porcine parthenogenetic and reconstructed embryos. Expand
Low concentrations of MEM vitamins during in vitro maturation of porcine oocytes improves subsequent parthenogenetic development.
Adding a low concentration of MEM vitamins to IVM medium for porcine oocytes enhanced subsequent development and improved embryo quality and in contrast, addition of vitamins to PZM-3 medium for in vitro culture of activated porcines did not affect development. Expand
Streptolysin-o treatment of fetal fibroblasts improves cell fusion and in vitro development of porcine nuclear transfer embryos.
Investigation of the effects of SLO treatment in donor cells that generate pores in the plasma membrane during in vitro development of porcine reconstructed embryos shows that SLO-mediated permeabilization of Porcine fetal fibroblast cells appears to improve the fusion rates and in vitro developed embryos. Expand
Abnormal expression of TIMP-2, SOD, vimentin and PAI proteins in cloned bovine placentae.
Western blot analysis suggests that key proteins of placental development are abnormally expressed in SCNT cloned bovine placentae, probably resulting in abnormal placental function and clonal mortality. Expand
The Suppression of Maturational Competence by Streptomycin during In vitro Maturation of Goat Follicular Oocytes
Antibiotics are common additives in culture media during in vitro embryo development, but their effects on oocyte maturation in vitro have not been tested. The effects of penicillin, streptomycin andExpand