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Evolution of fluvial style in the Siwalik Group in the foothills of the Nepal Himalaya
Abstract Middle Miocene to Pleistocene fluvial sediments of the Siwalik (Churia) Group are widely distributed in the southern frontal area of the Himalaya. The succession is about 6 km thick, and wasExpand
Coordination of Plastid Protein Import and Nuclear Gene Expression by Plastid-to-Nucleus Retrograde Signaling1[W][OA]
It is suggested that defects in plastid protein import generate a signal that represses photosynthesis-related nuclear genes through repression of AtGLK1 expression but not through activation of ABI4. Expand
Arabidopsis Cor15am Is a Chloroplast Stromal Protein That Has Cryoprotective Activity and Forms Oligomers1[W][OA]
It is proposed that Arabidopsis Cor 15am is a cryoprotective protein that forms oligomers in the chloroplast stroma, and that direct association of Cor15am with its substrates is part of its cryoprotsective mechanism. Expand
Evaluation of the Protective Activities of a Late Embryogenesis Abundant (LEA) Related Protein, Cor15am, during Various Stresses in Vitro
It is indicated that Cor15am functions as a protectant against various stresses by preventing protein aggregation by attenuating the aggregation of the substrates. Expand
Plastid signalling under multiple conditions is accompanied by a common defect in RNA editing in plastids
Investigations were carried out to determine whether different plastid signal-inducing treatments had similar effects on plastids and on nuclear gene expression, and it was demonstrated that norflurazon and lincomycin treatments and theplastid protein import2-2 mutation, which causes a defect in plastID protein import, all resulted in similar changes at the gene expression level. Expand
Maxillae and associated gnathodental specimens of Nacholapithecus kerioi, a large-bodied hominoid from Nachola, northern Kenya.
This article aims to give a detailed description of maxillary specimens collected by the Japan-Kenya Joint Project team during the field seasons of 1982, 1984, and 1986 of N. kerioi. Expand
cDNA Microarray Analysis of Rice Anther Genes under Chilling Stress at the Microsporogenesis Stage Revealed Two Genes with DNA Transposon Castaway in the 5′-Flanking Region
3 novel genes whose expression levels were remarkably changed by chilling in rice anther are identified and a new cis element that includes a DNA transposon Castaway sequence was found in the 5′ upstream region of two genes which were conspicuously down-regulated by chilling temperatures in riceAnther. Expand
Arabidopsis Cor 15 am Is a Chloroplast Stromal Protein That Has Cryoprotective Activity and Forms Oligomers 1 [ W ] [ OA ]
Many plants acquire increased freezing tolerance when they are exposed to nonfreezing temperatures of a certain duration. This process is known as cold acclimation and allows plants to protectExpand
Variations in character and preservation potential of vegetation-induced obstacle marks in the variable discharge Burdekin River of north Queensland, Australia
Abstract Vegetation-induced obstacle marks are described from Dalrymple Bend in the Burdekin River of Queensland, Australia, and their preservation potential is discussed. The bend is divided into aExpand