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Photocouplings at the pole from pion photoproduction
Abstract.The reactions $ \gamma p\rightarrow\pi^{0}p$ and $ \gamma p\rightarrow\pi^{+}n$ are analyzed in a semi-phenomenological approach up to $ E\sim 2.3$ GeV. Fits to differential cross sectionExpand
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Photoproduction of {xi} off nucleons
The photoproduction reaction {gamma}N{yields}KK{xi} is investigated based on a relativistic meson-exchange model of hadronic interactions. The production amplitude is calculated in the tree-levelExpand
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phi meson production in proton proton collisions
The production of $\phi$-mesons in proton-proton collisions is investigated within a relativistic meson-exchange model of hadronic interactions. The experimental prerequisites for extracting theExpand
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Terazulene Isomers: Polarity Change of OFETs through Molecular Orbital Distribution Contrast.
Intermolecular orbital coupling is fundamentally important to organic semiconductor performance. Recently, we reported that 2,6':2',6″-terazulene (TAz1) exhibited excellent performance as an n-typeExpand
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Experimental and theoretical studies on the organic-inorganic hybrid compound: aluminum-NTCDA Co-deposited film.
Electronic absorption, Fourier transform-infrared (FT-IR), and electron spin resonance spectra of aluminum-naphthalene tetracarboxylic dianhydlide (Al-NTCDA) co-deposited film have been measured atExpand
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Complete active space valence bond method applied to chemical reactions 1 Dedicated to Professor Kei
Abstract A complete active space valence bond (CASVB) method with orthogonal and non-orthogonal orbitals is applied to the collinear exchange reaction H+H2→H2+H and the unimolecular dissociationExpand
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Analysis of the reactionpp→ppηnear threshold
It is shown that most of the available data on the $pp\to pp\eta$ reaction, including the invariant mass distributions in the $pp\to pp\eta$ reaction recently measured at COSY, can be understood inExpand
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Reaction of Oxygen with the Singlet Excited State of [n]Cycloparaphenylenes (n = 9, 12, and 15): A Time-Resolved Transient Absorption Study Seamlessly Covering Time Ranges from Sub-Nanoseconds to
Reaction of 3O2 with the singlet excited state (S1) of highly luminescent cycloparaphenylenes (CPP's), i.e., [n]CPP where n = 9, 12, and 15 in solution has been studied by transient absorption (TA)Expand
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Paleomagnetic evidence for post‐Late Miocene intra‐arc rotation of South Kyushu, Japan
Paleomagnetism of sedimentary rocks of the late Miocene Uchiumigawa Group exposed in southeast Kyushu yielded 17 tilt-corrected paleomagnetic directions with significant westward declinations.Expand
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Erratum to: Photocouplings at the pole from pion photoproduction
D. Ronchen, M. Doring, F. Huang, H. Haberzettl, J. Haidenbauer, C. Hanhart, S. Krewald, U.-G. Meisner, and K. Nakayama 1 Institut fur Kernphysik and Julich Center for Hadron Physics,Expand
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