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Dihydroheptaprenyl and dihydrodecaprenyl monophosphates induce apoptosis mediated by activation of caspase-3-like protease.
Dolichyl phosphate, an essential carrier lipid in the biosynthesis of N-linked glycoprotein, has been found to induce apoptosis in rat glioma C6 cells and human monoblastic leukemia U937 cells. InExpand
Studies on nucleosides analogs. XVIII. Synthesis of pyrimido-(4,5-c)pyridazine nucleoside analogs.
The reactions of 6-hydrazino-1, 3-dimethyluracil (1) with aldoses (2a-e), D-fructose, and D-glucuronolactone gave hydrazones (3a-e, 6, and 8) in good yields, and these products were converted toExpand